NCYTE is Over :( For this year

All the rehearsals for NCYTE are over. At least I am going to Chicago this summer. On April 1 NCYTE had their last show of the season. This show is the biggest deal for NCYTE. This show is mandatory for all members.

But anyway it was so much fun…I learned a new dance for the show from Michelle Dorence and she is a famous tap dancer. The dance was awesome but there is always room for improvement. In the show even our director danced a dance for the boys only. He was so funny. I have never seen him dance on stage before.

But at the end of the show i was almost balling. All the seniors were leaving to go to college. Me and my friend Allie made shirts for two of the seniors. One of them cried she was so touched.

After the show we had a party in celebration of a successful show. My tap buddy Luke gave me flowers. He is awesome.

~ Mary