We’ve started the Caper 2004!

Shooting began on our latest caper this past weekend with the sun shining brightly and blue sky everywhere. The cast and crew got down to work but were a little groggy as they recovered from a wonderful but filling Thanksgiving at the Kelly’s. 

We started filming our location footage and even had a few guest cameos, some planned and some on the spot. We’re off to a great start and hope to have shooting wrapped up in the next two weeks so I can get down to editing. Stay tuned for a sneak preview coming soon but until then, here is a little tickler…

In this year’s Caper the kids are up to their eyeballs in another mystery and they need your help. You need to keep your eyes and ears open to help them escape the Very Scary Monster.

And if you haven’t yet experienced the caper series, you can check them out in our Media Gallery along with our other movies.


Skin Cancer Brochure

Want to know more about skin cancer?

I had to do a project for school on skin cancer so I researched it and my Dad and I designed the brochure together on the computer. When I printed it out, we each page on the same piece of paper so it looked like a real brochure.

By the way…I got a 100% on it.


Let me tell about how tap has been going.

This year is my third year in the tap ensemble. Its been great! I am learning 4 dances and I am almost done with one of them. Its so hard but fun. I am so pooped after practice. Oh and this summer I went to Chicago with NCYTE. Too bad I could not go to Helsinki, Finland. But I still had fun in Chicago. We even learned a dance from a lady from Bulgaria. Her name was Valaria. And during a show we we did there with other tap companies I got to start one of the dances. Look at some of the pictures from Chicago at the bottom of this page.

~ Mary


(NCYTE is kind of like a huge family of tap dancers to me we share everything and do everything for each other some times we even get mad at each other like a family)


Our first song is here!

In case you have not heard it yet, here it is. It was a lot of fun and very simple to do with the GarageBand software that is part of iLife from Apple.

You can check the software out here . I expect songs from all of you shortly.

You can get to the song from the Media Gallery section of doerrstop.com.

Movie Ideas

What crazy caper or adventure do you want to see the kids tackle next?

We’re are always in the process of preparing for another caper and would love to get story ideas from fans of the series. Ideas can be simple or completely fleshed out but must include enough characters/ideas for each member of our family.

Idea selection is based on a number of criteria including but not limited to story length, sets, costumes, special effects and a good part for Dad. Okay, maybe not the last one but the rest are pretty important as we try to keep these things from taking up too much time and resources.

So what’s in it for you aside from the knowledge that you are part of the Doerrstop Pictures family?

If your idea is selected you will receive billing in the credits so you can show off your contribution to all of your friends. I know a lot of you are closet writers and would love to utilize our talented cast to win you your first oscar.

But thats not all… you will also receive very own original high-quality finished movie with a special message from the cast and crew.

But wait there’s more…for your final gift you will receive a signed cast photo suitable for framing (or just putting on your fridge). You never know it could be worth millions on ebay!

So click on the comments link below and give us all the scoop. We’re all awaiting your great ideas.



Click on the comments link below this entry and let us know that you were here and what you thought. If there is something you would like to see you can let us know that too.


Its here…

Okay. So you just can’t get enough of the doerrstop clan and you keep searching for more, more and more doerrstop.com content.

Well here is our latest attempt to fulfill your wishes. Our blog will be a smorgasbord of quotes, comments, rants, raves and the latest from our little piece of heaven.

So maybe it won’t all be heaven but it should be entertaining. We’re planning on having the kids write entries and include stories from home and school, a guestbook where people can leave messages for us and everyone who visits, a calendar of what’s going on around our house and maybe even photos of the month here and there.

Let us know what you think as you read on…