We’ve started the Caper 2004!

Shooting began on our latest caper this past weekend with the sun shining brightly and blue sky everywhere. The cast and crew got down to work but were a little groggy as they recovered from a wonderful but filling Thanksgiving at the Kelly’s. 

We started filming our location footage and even had a few guest cameos, some planned and some on the spot. We’re off to a great start and hope to have shooting wrapped up in the next two weeks so I can get down to editing. Stay tuned for a sneak preview coming soon but until then, here is a little tickler…

In this year’s Caper the kids are up to their eyeballs in another mystery and they need your help. You need to keep your eyes and ears open to help them escape the Very Scary Monster.

And if you haven’t yet experienced the caper series, you can check them out in our Media Gallery along with our other movies.


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