New Years

Hear about my visitors that came for New Years.

On the 29th of Dec. our friends from MI came to visit us. They come to visit us every New Years.
My friend Lauren and I made a McFlurry with the set I got for Christmas. Maybe today are going to make cookies for New Years with my new Mrs. Fields Cookbook. Yesterday everyone went to downtown Chapel Hill to go to Sutton’s. It is a really good restraunt but it is also a drug store. It was fun to do with 13 other people.

We also played in the park and my dad put up a few pictures on the photo pages here .

~ Mary

The Christmas Caper 2004 is done

Ready for the latest installment?  This year’s movie is a bit of a departure as the kids of Townsville are attacked by a Very Scary Monster with his Very Scary Tooth!

What will they do?  Will they survive?  Check it out on our movie page here  and then come back and read the rest of this article as it will make more sense once you’ve seen the movie.

We had a lot of fun making this one and a lot of help.  We had cameos from the Perrymans, the Kellys and my good friend Tony Smith who nailed the Pizza Guy.  A special thanks to the Cobbs family who owns a Dominos Pizza in VA and let us borrow the hat and shirt.

The premise for this movie comes from a series of stories I used to tell the kids at bedtime called the Very Scary Snowman.  They wanted a scary story but not that scary so to make it a bit more fun in those tense moments, the Snowman had a very large and scary tooth…and a lisp.  When the snowman would announce his intentions and who he was, he would say, "I’m the very scary snowman and I’m going to get you with my very scary tooth." and tooth would come out toofffffff and the kids would laugh, albeit a bit nervously.  

When we were discussing the movie ideas for this year I brought up this old story idea and the kids loved it.  The only problem was that we didn’t have a snowman costume.   I looked online and to obtain a good one was going to cost and arm and a leg.  It was then that Mitchell mentioned that we could use his Halloween costume and just change the antagonist to the Very Scary Monster.  $450 saved and we were off to the shoot.

If you look closely you’ll notice a few Snowman references because the kids and I just couldn’t get it out of our heads.  I was going to reshoot but thought it would be more interesting to leave it in.

Please remember to let us know what you thought of the movie via the comments.  The family put a lot of work into this and the kids would love to hear what you have to say.

Have a wonderful Christmas season!


My trip to Chicago this past summer

I went to Chicago for tap because I am part of the North Carolina Youth Tap Ensemble. On the plane ride there I was very talkative. I was so hyper (hoping I had not forgotten anything). When we got there it was 9:00 at night so everyone went to bed except for my friend, Allie and me.

The next morning we had dance class until 4:00 or 4:30. We did that every day for 5 days. During that time period we learned new techniques and improvisational skills. We also learned a dance from a Bulgarian dancer named Valeria. We were divided into groups and my group was lead by Valeria.

On Friday, we ended up doing a show that we were expecting to do on Saturday, not Friday. But we did great anyway. I even got to start one of the dances. After the show, we went out for ice cream to celebrate. After the show my friend Allie and I stayed in another girl?s room until 3:00 A.M.

The next day we went shopping. I got a white shirt, a mini skirt and some disco earrings. That evening we went to an outside mall. I got a Navy hat that said ?Navy Pier? on it. We even went on a Ferris wheel. On the Ferris wheel my friend Kate accidentally dropped her Icee off the top.

On Sunday we finally left for home. I was kind of sad to leave Chicago but I was ready. I missed my friends and my family. When I got home, I told all my friends about my Chicago trip. I?m sure I?ll talk about this adventure for many years to come.

Sharing Christmas Traditions at School

I got to go on TV at school and share a family tradition.

Our family is making a movie. Its a really good movie.

I’m showing movies at school because everyone is sharing about family traditions and we make movies every year. I was on Ribbit News on Friday and got to show one of my movies. It was the Christmas Caper 2001 where we went to our school. Everyone thinked it was funny because they thought the part where I got in trouble was funny. (ed. if you want to see it click here ) When I got back to my class everyone said it was cool. Mrs. Banks is my teacher at Mary Scroggs and she showed it again to my class. Everyone laughed especially when we were getting chased by Evil Billy.

-Mason Doerr

Breakfast with Santa

We had our yearly adventure to have breakfast with Santa and as always it was a great time.

Our friends the Dunleavy’s have invited us to breakfast with Santa for the last couple years (I think they enjoy watching us go insane keeping up with everyone) and its always wonderful. This year we had four Families and 15 kids (yes almost half were ours).

The kids enjoyed getting to tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas and making fresh waffles. Ok, so Dad made all the waffles but they did get to eat fresh waffles.

After the food it was off to the gingerbread man table where the kids decorated their own gingerbread cookies with frosting and hundreds of candies. Just what they’ll need right before bed tonight.

Then it was off to the hot chocolate table for a treat and some marshmallows on the side. Mary showed them how to break up candy canes and mix them with the hot chocolate for an extra special treat.

All in all it was great time and we hope to do it again next year…but right now I need a nap just thinking about how much work it was.

If you want to see a few picts from the event…we have some here .


Caper 2004 wrapping up production

We’re getting closer…

And it will be here in no time. We’ll have some production stills up as soon as we can. We’ve had cameos from friends and we hope they don’t all end up on the cutting room floor.


The Best Vacation Ever

A story from school…

If I could have one Christmas wish, this is how I would like to spend my winter vacation. I would like my best friend Hunter to come visit from Texas. 


If I could have one Christmas wish, this is how I would like to spend my winter vacation. I would like my best friend Hunter to come visit from Texas. I would also like a lot of snow this year. Hunter and I would sled down Highgrove for hours. When we came in we would have hot chocolate with a lot of marshmallows. You would be able to smell it from the front door.

At night, my friend and I would stay up all night. We would tell scary stories. We would also tell stories about school. Then we would play Game Boy and Sega. And the next day, we would go to the arcade. I would say, “I hope this day never ends!” That would be the best vacation ever!