In to the Woods Jr.(play)

Hear about this new play I am in called Into the Woods Jr. 

This new play I am in called In to the Woods Jr. is about all these fairy tales coming together like little red ridding hood, jack and the bean stalk, and Cinderella. In a way they are all connected. They are all connected by this baker and his wife. They have been wanting to have a baby but they are cursed by a witch by something the bakers parents have done. Because of what his parents had done the witch took their baby. So the baker had a sister but he did not know her name was rapunzel. So to have the curse taken off they have to find 1 the cow as white as milk (from jack) 2 the cape as red as blood (little red ridding hood) 3 the hair as yellow as corn (rapunzel) and 4 they shoe as pure as gold (cinderella). Its a pretty good play. Guess who I am related to? Little red ridding hood. I’m her grandmother.

hope u come and see it
~ Mary Doerr

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