Breakfast with Santa

We had our yearly adventure to have breakfast with Santa and as always it was a great time.

Our friends the Dunleavy’s have invited us to breakfast with Santa for the last couple years (I think they enjoy watching us go insane keeping up with everyone) and its always wonderful. This year we had four Families and 15 kids (yes almost half were ours).

The kids enjoyed getting to tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas and making fresh waffles. Ok, so Dad made all the waffles but they did get to eat fresh waffles.

After the food it was off to the gingerbread man table where the kids decorated their own gingerbread cookies with frosting and hundreds of candies. Just what they’ll need right before bed tonight.

Then it was off to the hot chocolate table for a treat and some marshmallows on the side. Mary showed them how to break up candy canes and mix them with the hot chocolate for an extra special treat.

All in all it was great time and we hope to do it again next year…but right now I need a nap just thinking about how much work it was.

If you want to see a few picts from the event…we have some here .


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