My trip to Chicago this past summer

I went to Chicago for tap because I am part of the North Carolina Youth Tap Ensemble. On the plane ride there I was very talkative. I was so hyper (hoping I had not forgotten anything). When we got there it was 9:00 at night so everyone went to bed except for my friend, Allie and me.

The next morning we had dance class until 4:00 or 4:30. We did that every day for 5 days. During that time period we learned new techniques and improvisational skills. We also learned a dance from a Bulgarian dancer named Valeria. We were divided into groups and my group was lead by Valeria.

On Friday, we ended up doing a show that we were expecting to do on Saturday, not Friday. But we did great anyway. I even got to start one of the dances. After the show, we went out for ice cream to celebrate. After the show my friend Allie and I stayed in another girl?s room until 3:00 A.M.

The next day we went shopping. I got a white shirt, a mini skirt and some disco earrings. That evening we went to an outside mall. I got a Navy hat that said ?Navy Pier? on it. We even went on a Ferris wheel. On the Ferris wheel my friend Kate accidentally dropped her Icee off the top.

On Sunday we finally left for home. I was kind of sad to leave Chicago but I was ready. I missed my friends and my family. When I got home, I told all my friends about my Chicago trip. I?m sure I?ll talk about this adventure for many years to come.

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