The Christmas Caper 2004 is done

Ready for the latest installment?  This year’s movie is a bit of a departure as the kids of Townsville are attacked by a Very Scary Monster with his Very Scary Tooth!

What will they do?  Will they survive?  Check it out on our movie page here  and then come back and read the rest of this article as it will make more sense once you’ve seen the movie.

We had a lot of fun making this one and a lot of help.  We had cameos from the Perrymans, the Kellys and my good friend Tony Smith who nailed the Pizza Guy.  A special thanks to the Cobbs family who owns a Dominos Pizza in VA and let us borrow the hat and shirt.

The premise for this movie comes from a series of stories I used to tell the kids at bedtime called the Very Scary Snowman.  They wanted a scary story but not that scary so to make it a bit more fun in those tense moments, the Snowman had a very large and scary tooth…and a lisp.  When the snowman would announce his intentions and who he was, he would say, "I’m the very scary snowman and I’m going to get you with my very scary tooth." and tooth would come out toofffffff and the kids would laugh, albeit a bit nervously.  

When we were discussing the movie ideas for this year I brought up this old story idea and the kids loved it.  The only problem was that we didn’t have a snowman costume.   I looked online and to obtain a good one was going to cost and arm and a leg.  It was then that Mitchell mentioned that we could use his Halloween costume and just change the antagonist to the Very Scary Monster.  $450 saved and we were off to the shoot.

If you look closely you’ll notice a few Snowman references because the kids and I just couldn’t get it out of our heads.  I was going to reshoot but thought it would be more interesting to leave it in.

Please remember to let us know what you thought of the movie via the comments.  The family put a lot of work into this and the kids would love to hear what you have to say.

Have a wonderful Christmas season!


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