Sad News

We found out some extremely sad news this morning when we were informed that our Senior Pastor, Raegan May, took his life last evening and the young age of 41.  

Raegan was a wonderful speaker and delivered many very powerful and insightful sermons.  On numerous occasions I sat listening and reflecting that Raegan spoke like he was going through all of the same hardships we all experience, that he was on the same hard journey of life.  I always respected that sharing of the small insight into his personal struggles but never imagined that they weighed so heavily on him, as he seemed to have his path figured out.  As everyone in the congregation and neighborhood, we wish we had known more of his suffering so that we could have assisted him, as he has so many of us.

As a friend and neighbor Raegan was helpful and caring. visiting us in the hospital numerous times to offer prayers and counseling.  His inspiration to friends and new Christians just beginning their journey was awe-inspiring.  Raegan will be remembered for the incredible and positive impact he had on so many lives.

Our most recent personal experience with Raegan was on Tuesday evening when he and Pastor Greg Arthur baptized Maisie during our Evolution service.  Raegan was sick that night but made a special trip over to bless the water for which Maisie would be baptized with and congratulate us before getting home to rest.  

We are all stunned and shocked!  We’ve been at Church, helping get the word out to others in our congregation and community while we try to understand this tragedy.  As we work through the grief and sadness, trying to understand, we all keep his wife Lee, their three young daughters and our Church staff close to our hearts.   We offer up our prayers and hope you will too.

For more information about Christ Methodist Church, or to hear some of Raegan’s recent sermons, please see our church website .  

For more information about depression please check out this site .  
For more information about understanding and coping with suicide you might want to check out this site and/or this book .  

If you are reading this and thinking about suicide, please click here now .

Peace of Christ,

UPDATE: Our church has put the homily from Raegan’s service of thanksgiving up on the church website.  Click here to listen .  Bill Gatis’ homily was a wonderful tribute to Raegan and his life.

Site Redesign

I am thinking about a new site design that would make this page like this the homepage for

I’m also collecting some other free tools for the site, for both me and you, so once I have those and some time to play with the css (design) of this page and maybe some others, I’ll let you know.  Hopefully it will make the site easier to navigate and more informational.


New (old) movies online

Now that we have 1 gig of space for our website, we’ve added in some movies we had not put up or had taken down to save on space…

The new movies include:

  • Mary’s – The Interview
  • Mitchell’s – Leprechaun
  • A tribute to our Grandpa Kuehn
  • Our 2000 Disney Trip (which is a fairly lame video I must say)
  • Mary’s Second grade  – Harriet Tubman
  • A movie we did for Uncle Mark called Mason Walks
  • And our first two iMovies, Mark 2 and Mark 1

You can check them out in the Media Gallery. 

Winter Break

I had an awesome time during my winter break.  We had two families come to visit.  One of the families stayed for just one day. The other family stayed for 3 and a half days.

My cousins Tori and Colin came to stay for a night on their way to California.   We had a lot of fun playing at the park.

Then my friends the Genords from MI came and I got to sleep on the floor with my friend Elise in my brothers room.  Elise was sick for a few days.

We went on a bus downtown and had a lot of fun.

We got to stay home on New Years Eve because my Mom and Dad and my friends parents went out to dinner, saw a movie and went on a short walk but were home by 9:00.  We had a lot of pop corn for New Years Eve.  Then we watched the ball drop in New York and we got to do sparklers and we got to blow up balloons and throw them all over.

We were going to go to a museum on New Years day but it was closed so we went up to the arcade and after we played games we were going to get ice cream at La Vita Dolce but they were closed too (BTW…we could have made them money as there were 14 of us -ed.) so we went to Southpoint and got some.

Now I am so excited to back to my work at school!

I hope you had a great winter break too.


Evil Billy – At the park

Read one of the many stories in the Evil Billy series.

Once upon a time Evil Billy went out into the forest where he spied some kids. The kids were playing freeze tag in the park and then they heard something behind them. Then they said, "What’s that?"

"Oh it was nothing I think it was the wind", Said one little kid.

"I think we should go back to playing tag", said another kid.

So they went on playing tag until Evil Billy jumped out and he ran after the kids. There were 8 kids running all over until Evil Billy tripped. When he tripped he caught one of the kids named Maisie. She was 2 years old and couldn’t run fast enough to get away.

One of the bigger kids named Mary grabbed Maisie and pulled her away from Evil Billy and ran away.

Then the 8 kids sneaked up on Evil Billy and they chuckled and they said, "BAAAHHHHHH!" and they jumped on Evil Billy.

Evil Billy grabbed one of Mark’s toys but the kids jumped and grabbed Mark’s toy back.

Evil ran away crying, "I want my mommy."

The End


Mark’s First Blog Entry

Read on to discover what’s going on inside the head of a 5 year old. It might amaze or just stupefy you.

Once there was a pig. His name was Rocky. There was a truck coming and so he jumped into a garbage can. The truck picked up the garbage can and threw the garbage away with Rocky. So Rocky was in the garbage truck.

There was a horse that was also there and he tried to pull Rocky out of the garbage truck. His name was Glasses but he did not have glasses. He used a rope and threw it to Rocky. It had a hole at the end and it went around Rocky’s stomach and he pulled him out of the garbage truck.

So then Mark came by to ride the Glasses and Rocky followed them.

The End.


Fun New Years

This was the best new years ever!  Let me tell you about it.

My friends from Michigan came this new year and we had the best time ever. They had three kids.  Christian is the boy my age.  We met at 8 months old so back to the topic.

On the first day really early in the morning we went out to play football in my back yard.  It was cold outside but not as cold as in Michigan.  Then we went up to my room and started playing with my hand band I got for Christmas.  A hand band is a toy with gloves that let you play drums, the guitar and keyboard in the air.  (I’ll put up some picts of Mitchell rocking out soon – ed.)

Then we took the bus downtown to see a lot.  The bus ride was bumpy, fast and and stopped a lot to pick up more people.  We were most of the people on the bus.  When we got downtown we decided to go to Sutton’s Drug Store for a soda.  They have old fashioned sodas there, Cherry, Vanilla and even Chocolate Coke.  We all got Cherry Coke except for Elise who got vanilla.  Then we went to the park and we threw the football around.

After that we decided to go back to Sutton’s for an early dinner at only 4:00.  All the big kids had BLTs.  They were very delicious.  Then we rode home.

On new years eve my Mom and Dad played tennis with Celia and Matt.  Christian and I went too to watch them play and be their ball boys.  After that we went into the basement to play video games while everyone else played Pac-Man upstairs.   Right around midnight we got everything ready and we all were holding poppers getting ready to shoot them off.

At midnight we went outside to do some sparklers.  I took a balloon and held it up to my sparkler and the balloon popped!  Then we went to bed.

Yesterday we went to the arcade at the movie theatre and played some games, my favorite was the Taxi Driver game.  (If its any indication, he’ll need a tank.  -ed.) And then we went to get some ice cream at the outside mall at Marble Slab Creamery.  That’s because it was over 70 degrees outside on Jan1!!!  I had chocolate with cookie dough.

After that we went to the Apple Computer store and played some games on the computers there.  I played Harry Potter.  We were getting hungry again from playing all the games so we went to Moe’s for dinner and then we went back home.

They left this morning at 7:30 so that they could get home to their Mom’s house by 8pm.  

I think that this is the best New Years out of any year ever.