Evil Billy – At the park

Read one of the many stories in the Evil Billy series.

Once upon a time Evil Billy went out into the forest where he spied some kids. The kids were playing freeze tag in the park and then they heard something behind them. Then they said, "What’s that?"

"Oh it was nothing I think it was the wind", Said one little kid.

"I think we should go back to playing tag", said another kid.

So they went on playing tag until Evil Billy jumped out and he ran after the kids. There were 8 kids running all over until Evil Billy tripped. When he tripped he caught one of the kids named Maisie. She was 2 years old and couldn’t run fast enough to get away.

One of the bigger kids named Mary grabbed Maisie and pulled her away from Evil Billy and ran away.

Then the 8 kids sneaked up on Evil Billy and they chuckled and they said, "BAAAHHHHHH!" and they jumped on Evil Billy.

Evil Billy grabbed one of Mark’s toys but the kids jumped and grabbed Mark’s toy back.

Evil ran away crying, "I want my mommy."

The End


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