My Favorite Songs

I am sitting here listening to my favorite songs and these songs are:

? I Can Be Your Friend
? The Hairbrush Song

Both of these two songs are from VEGGIETALES – Veggie Rocks!

Why I like music is because you can dance and sing to music and just have a grate time dancing and singing to music. That is why I like music !


Maisie’s Baptism

On January 18, 2005 the Pries’ came to town to join us in celebrating Maisie’s baptism. We had a great time and of course, when the the Pries’ are here, there is always a pool involved. You may remember them from one of our first videos from 2000, Splish Splash where we all went to a hotel in Ann Arbor, MI with a huge indoor pool and pool-side rooms.

The visit was fun…but too short. You can check out some photos from the visit here .


Rainbow Cow

A Rainbow Cow and a

Once upon a time there was a rainbow cow who
came along riding on the caboose of a train. He got off the train and then he
jumped and he didn’t see a truck was there and he fell into the

Next he fell out of the truck
and onto the ground and the truck ran over the cow. He hurt his whole body and
his bones.

Then this guy came to help
him. He put a whole bunch of band-aids? on him and then he was

He lived happily ever after. The