Uncle Mark and Aunt Loretta come a callin’

Yeah!  Uncle Mark and Aunt Loretta gave the kids a great Christmas present this year…a trip to visit them in NC!  They arrived in late February and we were off and running.  They planned their trip to coincide with the opening of Mary’s Middle school play, Into the Woods Jr. where she played "Granny".  It just so happened that the same week the kids had a short break from school, so Mark and Loretta got to spend some extra quality time bonding.

Not resting on their laurels, they squeezed in a trip to see Mary perform with NCYTE at a local school show and Mark caught one of Mary’s improvs on tape . Then Mark was Mystery Reader for Mason’s class. We also could not miss a trip to the Duke historic homestead and tobacco museum  where they wax nostalgic for the time when smokes were king.  
Whew!  A lot of fun stuff.

All-in-all it was a great time the kids won’t soon forget, especially with some great picts from the adventure, which you can see more of right here .  let us know what you think.

– brian

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