Welcome our newest addition!

Get ready for more movies! We just took delivery
of the newest member of our family, or as my friend Mike said, " should I say
This newest addition weighs in at 46 pounds and comes with two brains. It has a
shiny skin and is liquid cooled…but no diapers

You might have guessed that
I’m talking about my new Apple Macintosh Dual G5 . It’s massive and
considering that its raw speed is 9 times (and two processor generations) newer
than my little iMac, to say it’s fast to me is an understatement. I’ve been
busy setting it up, getting organized and backing up our movies, songs and
photos to DVD for archiving.

that is all in place I’ll be jumping into the new video editing software Final Cut
Express HD
to learn the basics and a few extras about what it will
bring to my movies. Now all I need are a few good ideas, a new camera and a
film and lighting crew and I’m on my way to Sundance!

G5 comes with a lot of free software including the latest versions of OmniGraffle  , a
very cool design tool we used to make Maisie’s announcement, iWork and
, which include a new version of GarageBand, the software used to
make our song. There’s a lot more free stuff but I’ll go into that another
time. Suffice it to say that we are all very excited to play and see what we
can create with all this new stuff.

keep watching doerrstop.com for more fun and exciting (for us anyways)


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