Easter Picture

We were in a church production of The Last Supper last night and so we broke out
the kids Easter outfits early and took a few pictures of the whole crew before
we went in. Here’s one of the better

had a great time in the performance. We were modern day disciples and were cast
as the butt of the "What a big family" joke (so big that they only put, "The
Doerr Family" in the program instead of all of our names, and the "What a cute
little baby" heart tug. The best part is that we just had to walk across the
stage and then sit down on stage for a few minutes. Mark, Matthew and Maisie
get taken off the stage by three of the "original"

We had a great time and
Matthew especially LOVED it. Guess they take after their Uncle

Now we just have to
keep those outfits clean until next weekend…yeah

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