Early Birthday from Grandma and Grandpa

Over spring break my Grandparents came to visit and they brought me an early birthday present. They got me a gift card to Toys R Us . They just left today and we went to Toys R Us this afternoon and I got Pokemon  cards, a Pokemon movie and new batteries for my video game. Here is a picture of me and my presents.   


Uncle Rob Came to Town Riding in a Minivan

My uncle Rob came on Tuesday during spring break. His children came too and their names are Alex and Nicholas.

Alex is eight and in third grade just like I am but he is 4 weeks older than me. Nicholas is 5 years old and in Kindergarten. We had a wonderful time with them.

First we went to Durham and had lunch with my Dad at Rudino’s near his work . Then we went to The Musem of Life and Science and rode the train and played in the bubbles.

The next day we went downtown on the bus and ate lunch. After that we stopped by the UNC lacrosse field to see if they were playing. We found out that they were playing in one hour. Uncle Rob wanted to see the game so we let him stay till the game started. We tried to get on one bus home but we think the bus came early so we went to a bulding close by and got some water and a bus route map. Then we went and caught a bus and rode home. That was such a fun day!

We said good bye before we went to bed because they were going early the next morning at six o’clock and woke up at five o’clock. That was the end of my adventure!