Darn Hot!

I can’t believe how hot it is! The high has been over 90 degrees for what seems like ever. Actually its been almost 2 weeks . Tuesday it was 101, yesterday it was 100 and today it supposed to be about 95. Two days ago we lost power for about 8 hours, which I’m sure was due to the heat. Luckily it went out about 8:00pm (when it was still 88 degrees outside) and our house stayed below 85 until 3:00am when the power kicked back on.  

From the forecast , it sounds like we’ll finally get some reprieve tonight/tomorrow when a cold front moves through and the high is only in the mid 80s.

The funny part is that I’ve been complaining to everyone about how darn hot it was in TX while we were there and I must have brought it back with me. Guess thats what I get for talking about it so much.

If you have any good heat remedy’s "comment" below and let us know how we can stay cool in all this heat.


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