OK…so here’s a little secret…I’m trying to get my brother to start a podcast.

What’s a podcast? A podcast is basically a listing of audio recordings you put on the web. The utilize a technology called RSS which makes it easy to subscribe to them and get new recordings as they are made available by the author.

Why would a podcast from my brother be interesting? Aside from being just a very cool and interesting fellow, two recent events have will make the next chapter of his life even more interesting that usual. Let me explain.

First, he just turned 40. You know what that means…"I think my ‘brother’s’ gone crazy!" He’s taking stock of what’s important and what he needs to change up in his life. He quit his job in hopes of restarting his acting career, is taking on a job setting up an drama program at a local school, and taking workshops in hopes of honing his acting skills even further.

On his 40th Birthday I called him up and told him I had a present (an mp3 recorder and headphone mic) , a proposition (start up a bi-weekly podcast about his transition and life) and a plan (setup the podcast and use it as a marketing tool to get agents and casting directors to look at him).

He took me up on all of it and has been playing with the tools since mid July. Now with his gig over at Marksmen and his new life starting, we need to get this moving. I’m thinking this would be a very interesting podcast and if you agree let me know by leaving a comment so I can push him to get moving on this.

I’ll have more soon about my first foray into the podcasting realm (just setting one up…not about my insane life).


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