Site Status Check

Well, I’m getting things settled in on this site.

I’ve added all of the blogs from our old site so we don’t lose that history. Now that it is here, at least the records are all in the DB. Hopefully I won’t have to do that again as it was a manual copy and paste process out of the current desktop tool I was using. YUK!

I’ve also uploaded all our old movies and yes Cheryl, I’ve added little preview pictures to each one so now you can quickly idetify the movie you want to watch all without being able to read. That was really important as Mark and Matthew love to sit and watch every movie everam de over and over again. They are all great movies but they do start to get on your nerves after two to three hundred viewings in the other room. Matthew in particular loves to stop and start certain sections over and over.

The photos are coming but that is a little more trying as iPhoto does not store my comments in EXIF format. I’ve been looking for a tool that will do that but haven’t found a good one yet. If you’re a Mac programmer and you are reading this…call me quick! I only have a few thousand photos I want to put up.

The music is giving me the most trouble as the tool I’m using for movies and photos now has beta music support. It doesn’t work. Guess that’s why its beta. After weeks on their message board and numerous tweaks, I decided to put up a simple mp3 player for now. No comments, rankings or smilies, but it works.

Just thought I would give everyone an update on how things are going around here. I hope to startposting more now that things are settling down with this site and the others I’ve been working on.


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