We’re Movin!

I know…we said it…we said we'd never leave Chapel Hill…but I just
couldn't pass up this opportunity.  It is a great job as
Director of Revenue Reporting and Analysis with Triad Hospitals
in Plano, TX.  I'll be heading financial revenue cycle reporting
and associated reporting technology implementation for their 50+
hospitals.  The system has many of the same issues that face(d)
Duke University Health System so it will be interesting to see how a
for-profit systems deals with these issues.

The only reason I
even took the call on this job is that I will once again be working
with my old Duke boss Scott Perryman out there.  I know…only for
a few montsh the way he's been movin' around.  But even so, I
think this will be a great opportunity for me and will provide us with
the ability to leverage the housing prices in Chapel Hill in order to
get some more space and a little bit bigger lot in a town called

Speaking of our house, we have already sold it to
a nice family from Connecticut and hope to close on Juen 29th. and we'll
be planning on heading out that day to Texas.  Once we get there
we will be renting a house for 6 months while we finish construction on
our new home in Frisco.  We hope to have the new house finsihed
and be moved in by Thanksgiving, Christmas at the latest.

we'll be sending on a few more blog entries from our nice little home
in Southern Village.  We're sad to leave our friends, our Church, and the
community, but very excited by the adventure that awaits us.  Keep
us in your prayers and please come visit us in the Lone Star state soon!



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