Mary’s Forthcoming (Homecoming)

Hey Everyone,

Things have been going great here in Texas.  I have made a lot of new friends since I tried out and made the dance team at Wakeland. Our dance team is called The Legacy Line and I met most of my friends from other grades through it. But not only did I make the dance team, I had my first ever Homecoming this year, or should I say Forthcoming. Since my school is new it does not have any alumi. So they call it Forthcoming.

But anyway it was so much fun, even though we had it in our cafeteria (yeah…I know…our cafeteria) Homecoming probably could not have went any better. No, I did not go with any boy because I didn't know any of the boys really well yet.  Anyway, who needs a date at Homecoming to have fun, right?  I hung out with a bunch of my girl friends and let me tell you, we brought the party.  I had some major cramps after the dance because Homecoming went from 8- 12 am, but I still went to my friend Hillary's house who I had not seen most of the dance because she had a date.  I stayed over night and to top it all of my mom took me for a pedicure.

Well love ya'll lots but I got to go catch a plane.  (ed. – Take a look at some picts from the big event under the photos tab up top.)

gtg. bye

Your tap dancing friend

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