Pink Elementary goes to Sky Ranch-day 1

Day 1
Well,  Madeline's first day of camp is over and boy was it exciting.  We took a two and a half hour bus ride (on the big yellow school buses) to Van, TX and SkyRanch.  The bus was a bit noisy as the 50 screaming kids on our bus were very excited.  Along with that, the bus driver decided we needed a little music to fill any solitary moment of silence.
Once at Sky Ranch, we got out of the buses and into a beautiful morning at the ranch.  The sky was blue, the air was crisp and we got right down to…lunch?  We ate and got to business.  The first class we went to was Challenges where the kids had to stand on top of a blue mat and figure out how to flip it over without anyone getting off the mat.  It seemed very hard for them but Chandler finally figured it out and told everyone how to get it done.  In the second challenge they had to cross some flaming hot lava (the grass) using a bridge made from cardboard.  They didn't finish that challenge before we had to head over to the zipline, but I know the kids were close.  
Once at the Zipline, I was recruited to be one of the zipliners and test the laws of gravity.  After three rides, I was ready to get out of that harness…ouch!  Then we just hung out for a while until dinner.  During that time Madeline and I went canoeing with Aubrey and her Dad Pete.  The canoe we used was all wet because the group before us tipped over and went under!  Then I almost tipped the canoe over when I tried to defend myself from another canoe who was splashing us and dug a little to hard.  I streered us away from the other canoes and we had a great trip. 
Then came dinner.  The food was pretty good for camp food.
After dinner we played clue and went for a nature hike.  Then we took showers, practiced our skit for tomorrow and hit the sack.  More tomorrow…I'm beat!

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