Pink Elementary goes to Sky Ranch-day 2

Day 2
The second day of camp started at 6:45am.  We got up and went to breakfast.  The pancakes, sausage, cereal and fruit were all good.  Then on to horseback riding where our group had a great time!  After that, it was over to the organic garden where we saw a spider that helps eat insects in the garden.  
After the garden we headed over to lunch.  One of the guys was outside the lunch hall using Bullwhip.  I tried to do it but just couldn't get it right…almost took my head off a couple times, but nothing more.  
After lunch we headed over to Aquatics and learned about the life of the water molecule as it travels around the ecosystem.  The kids all tried to be nymphs surviving in the ecosystem and then went over to the pond and dug around in the mud for different creatures.  It was messy but very fun for the kids.
Some of the chaperones had not been horseback riding so a group of us went over and rode horses for a bit.  Very fun but I was't ready for the trotting, especially when I was trying to take a few pictures.
After dinner we practiced our skit and went over and watched a video about pushing ourselves a bit harder, participating and preparing for the future.  They used Toby Mac's Extreme Days as music for the video.
Then we went over to the campfire and performed out skits.  They were all very funny.  Then, just to settle the kids down, we gave them smores!  Again…off to teh showers, packing and bed.  Tomorrow we head home!

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