OK…so Cheryl won’t write this article but I need to.  Over the past 4 months, Cheryl has been busting her tail in a workout boot-camp program at a local gym called The Ultimate Body Studio here in Frisco.

It‘s a pretty intense 1 hour a day, 5-day a week workout.  In addition to the workout, they put you through an intense detox and eating regiment.  Cheryl stuck with the program and followed the guidelines to a "T"…

The results were pretty amazing to say the least.  Over the 20 weeks, Cheryl lost over 25 pound and reduced her percent body fat from 29% down to 18%.  The results were good enough to get her inducted into the Gym’s Ultimate Fit Club, which is reserved for people who make a "Complete Body Transformation" during the first 20 weeks. 

The Gym’s owner was so impressed that he asked Cheryl if she would mind if they used her picture in marketing material and advertisements.

To the left is her after picture and if you want to see her before picture and her ad, you can do so here.

Like I said, she won’t write about it, the rest of us are very proud of her efforts and her success and thought yo might like to know.