Little Luncheonette of Terror


when I was trying out for the school musical I was scared. But after i was finished I felt great I had tried out with my


 brother and my friend Caitlin.The next night I was tossing and turning over if I would get the callbacks or not . The next day when I looked at the callbacks my name wasn’t on It but caitlin and Mitchell’s were.I still had a chance though.I was a litle sad that I didn’t make the callbacks though.

The next day they would post up the cast list. Through the whole day I was so scared but excited. Then when It was posted my brother said he saw my name on there somewhere,and he got the main part. Then I looked at my name and it said… Lights.  

 I was so disappointed  my friend at least got a do-wap girl.My mom said if I went to all the practices I might get moved up. I went to every practice but after 5 weeks I was still in the same place.

Then someone wasn’t there one day so I got to stand in for them. It was fun and at the end of practice Mrs.Noble called me over and said "would you like to be in the play" and of course  I said "yes" . And from now on I am student 10. I even got my own script and lyric book.


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