A Scary Story (part 3)

Then Mark turned back and said, " Wait, he might be friendly!"  Mason said, "Are you crazy?"  But Mark was sure.  So they both opened the door and walked outside.  

The scary monster came around the corner and stopped right there in a big pile of goo.  Then the monster said, "I lost my planet and I need to get back. Can you two help me?"  Mason and Mark looked at each other and then at the monster.  "Sure!" They both said.

They fixed his spaceship, which was sitting on the Pink elementary school playground and then they said goodbye to the monster.  "Wait!" said the Monster, "Do you want to see my planet?"  Mason and Mark said, " SURE!" and hopped in.  They all took a trip to the scary monster’s planet and saw all the cool gooey stuff.  Then the scary monster took them back home and dropped them off.  Mark and Mason gave the monster a big hug and got all gooey, but they didn’t mind.  They waved goodbye and the spaceship took off.

Mason and Mark went home and both got yelled at for getting all gooey, but they didn’t mind because they had lots of fun with the not so scary monster.  The monster came back sometimes to visit them and they all lived happily ever after.  The end.



School, School is great I have had a lot of fun. In computer literacy I am getting a 100! How awesome Is that.

I am still working on the musical after school from 4:00 to 6:00 It is tiring but I still have time for my homework. The play is coming in 5 days. I am soooooo excited. We will probably put it on doerrstop.com so look.

All my other grades are going well. I can’t wait for the play it is the first I have ever been in. If uncle Mark is there I want to say great job on your t.v. show It was awesome. I have made so many new friends in the musical and they are so cool.

Other then Maisie’s birthday nothing really exciting has happened.

I want to say hello to all my blog reader’s. Thank you for reading. I will catch you up on the rest of my life when anything exciting happens. So keep reading to find out more info about me Madeline…A.K.A Melon.

My Bro Mark was on the tele tonight!

My brother appeared on the CBS show Criminal Minds tonight.  He played a father of two kids.  The whole family gets whacked to start the show off.  He was awesome!  I’m helping him get the video up on his site so I won’t post it here, but head over to www.markdoerr.com where I’m sure it’ll be posted soon.  He also has some cool behind the scenes info on his blog you that might like reading.



iPhone update

Well it looks like Steve Jobs read my posts here and decided that he had to do something about 3rd party apps on the iPhone.  You can read it now in the Hot News Section on Apple.com here but the gist of it is that Apple is going to provide a Software Development Kit for the iPhone by February, 2008.  YeeHAA!!!

BTW…I hacked my iPhone again and got it updated to the latest firmware with all my cool apps intact.  It took a while but it was worth it.


Funny Little Video

OK…So I’m importing a lot of old video onto my computer so I can re-encode some of out older movies and I ran across this funny little bit of Matthew on his 4th birthday.  He was a riot and did this for every single present.  I think it captures his spirit pretty well.



My friend

I like Katlin. She is in Ms. Robinson’s kindergarten class with me.  I like to play with her all the time.  She also goes to my church.  I saw her last week at Sunday School but she was not there this week.  

Someday maybe she can come over to my house and then I can go over to her house and play. If she comes over to my house we could watch a movie in the media room. We would eat now-and-laters and we could have tootsie-rolls and have a good time.  Maybe we could watch Scooby-Doo.Laughing


Baby-sitting is awesome. Like this story I am writing.


Mitchell had asked me if I wanted to babysit. I thought It would be fun but I didn’t know that I was going to baby sit for 5 hours. We got up at 7am in the morning and got ready to baby sit. Then when I went to his house I didn’t feel very tired anymore.  I felt like I was surrounded by warmness that filled my body.  The experience was amazing.  I got to experience what happens when a baby chokes and then spits up.  It really gave me a lot of responsibility but thank god my brother was there to help me figure things out. But in the end It was all worth it.  I made a new friend.  So what he was 15 months old. I had a great time and I hope Devin did too. Laughing