Mark’s Cast

Marks first cast

Marks first cast

A few weeks ago I broke my wrist at Mason Perryman’s new house.  

There was a huge blow up bed and I told Mitchell to jump on one side while I jumped on the other.  We wanted to see how high I could go!  I flew up in the air and came back down face first and bent my wrist back and it cracked.  I said right of the bat that it was broken and it felt like something in my wrist wasn’t right.  I cried for 30 minutes.  My Mom twisted may arm and I screamed!   

Marks second cast

My Mom and Dad took me to the doctor.  They told me that I broke my radius bone, the part that controls turning my wrist.  Mom should not have twisted my arm!  They gave me a green cast, Dad’s favorite.  A few days later I went to another doctor who gave me a yellow cast.  Last week I went back to the doctor and got a blue splint.  I have to wear the splint for another 6 weeks and then I can play on the monkey bars, wrestle, and play football.  

I can’t wait.


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