My 8th Birthday



For my birthday we went to Dave and Busters.  We ate lunch and I had mini hamburgers and hot wings.  They were yummy!  Then I had a lot of desert.  I had a brownie with nuts and whipped cream.  My Mom put a candle on it (the number 8) and my family sang Happy Birthday to me!  We also got some chocolate fondue and some donut balls rolled in powder and chocolate.

After lunch we went downstairs to the games at Dave and Busters.  We played skeeball, color-rama (I won a lot of tickets) and raced cars.  I got in 8th the first time and 4th the second time.  We also played catch the bouncing light and I caught it and got soooooo many more tickets.
We turned in the tickets and got some prizes.  I got a stuffed bear as my prize.  I named her Barney.  I’s a girl because Mitchell has a boy bear named Cowboy and they are going to get married.

After Dave and Busters we went home and opened presents.  I got a lot of cool stuff including Guitar Hero II, a webkins bulldog named I named TruDog (I named him after TobyMac’s son),  clothes and a Tomagatchi v4.5.  I also got some very cool cards and money!  Thank you everyone.

I had the best birthday ever. – Mark

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