A Scary Story (part 3)

Then Mark turned back and said, " Wait, he might be friendly!"  Mason said, "Are you crazy?"  But Mark was sure.  So they both opened the door and walked outside.  

The scary monster came around the corner and stopped right there in a big pile of goo.  Then the monster said, "I lost my planet and I need to get back. Can you two help me?"  Mason and Mark looked at each other and then at the monster.  "Sure!" They both said.

They fixed his spaceship, which was sitting on the Pink elementary school playground and then they said goodbye to the monster.  "Wait!" said the Monster, "Do you want to see my planet?"  Mason and Mark said, " SURE!" and hopped in.  They all took a trip to the scary monster’s planet and saw all the cool gooey stuff.  Then the scary monster took them back home and dropped them off.  Mark and Mason gave the monster a big hug and got all gooey, but they didn’t mind.  They waved goodbye and the spaceship took off.

Mason and Mark went home and both got yelled at for getting all gooey, but they didn’t mind because they had lots of fun with the not so scary monster.  The monster came back sometimes to visit them and they all lived happily ever after.  The end.

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