School, School is great I have had a lot of fun. In computer literacy I am getting a 100! How awesome Is that.

I am still working on the musical after school from 4:00 to 6:00 It is tiring but I still have time for my homework. The play is coming in 5 days. I am soooooo excited. We will probably put it on so look.

All my other grades are going well. I can’t wait for the play it is the first I have ever been in. If uncle Mark is there I want to say great job on your t.v. show It was awesome. I have made so many new friends in the musical and they are so cool.

Other then Maisie’s birthday nothing really exciting has happened.

I want to say hello to all my blog reader’s. Thank you for reading. I will catch you up on the rest of my life when anything exciting happens. So keep reading to find out more info about me Madeline…A.K.A Melon.

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