Mark’s True Halloween Story


mrdbones.jpgAt the beginning of my Halloween adventure, somebody came up to my door.  I was dressed up as a skeleton. The people who were knocking on the door had a dog.  I forgot that dogs don’t like skeletons.  The dog started barking at me and I said, "Hey!  What’s up?"  Then I realized that dogs don’t like skeletons.  I started walking backwards slowly and turned around and ran inside.

After that were going to go trick or treating but my Mom had to take my sister Mary to see her friends and then come back.  Then we could go.  It took about an hour. (ed. 15 minutes in big people time)  It was dark when she got back and my Dad took us to trick or treat.  We saw a blue house on the way and we saw button on the table and asked the man there, "What does the button do?"  He said, "You wanna see?"  He pushed the button and a monster sat forward and went, "EERRRRR!" at us.  We all said, "WAAAAHHHH!" and got scared.  We got our treats and left quickly.  When we were going we all screamed some more!

Then we went home and ate two pieces of candy.  We brushed our teeth and went downstairs.  We took a bath and went back upstairs.  We got our jammies on and theeennnn we went to sleep.  The end. -Mark


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