The Incident

When mitchell and I got back from getting our shots we went to the school to get our bikes.  When we got there, Caitlin’s bike was still there then someone yelled, "Caitlin is inside looking for you guys still" and it was 4:40.  We went inside and couldn’t find her.  Then one of our teachers said she was just in there so when we went outside of his classroom.  There was Caitlin.  She said she went to tutorials and they ended at 4:20.  Then she couldn’t find us so she got scared.  So after she told us the story we were going home and I heard a loud screaming from behind me.  Caitlin had slid on the grass and into the parking lot.  Mitchell went to go get help but Caitlin’s parents wern’t home so I took her to her house and put ice on all the bruises.  In the end there were no broken bones thank god.


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