VBS grace avenue

Hey I wanted to tell you my awesome week at Vacation Bible School or VBS. The first day when I got there I was kind of bored but then one of my two best friend got there from school I was so happy. In arts and crafts we made drums. First we got two cups from chilies taped them together on the bottom. Then we taped it all around with tape and made sure there were no spots that you could see. Next we went out side and played sharks and minnows. I was doing great but Garrison or Gary and Austin were already sharks and on the third round 4 people gathered up and all of them tried to get me. They got me and the game was over. Then we played kick ball but we didn’t have much time and at the end of the game it was zero to zero. After that we went to story telling where we learned a lot about God and how you should treat other people. Next we made spiders to tell 1 thing or 8 small things about what we are special for. Then we got to learn how to sing and dance for God before we went home.

The next day we painted our drums and drew whatever we want on them and made a game. We learned new songs every day and dances.

On Thursday we got to slide on water slides and play football. My friend Austin was not there and missed the snow cones. My brother Mitchell was the guy who helps out side. At the end of water day we watched him slide down.

On Friday we got to see famous african drummers. They were awesome! We learned a song. Then I had to leave and I was sad because I would miss my friends. But I guess I will see them at school in fifth grade this year.


-Mark Doerr

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