Psych saw our Caper!

We received an email from a friend of ours in Chapel Hill yesterday that made the kids year!

It seems that our friend, Katherine Asaro, went to college with one of the writers/crew members from Psych, Tory Walker (IMDB profile).  Katherine thought she would send her the link to our 2010 Caper-Psych tribute and she’d get a kick out of it.  Here is Tory’s response:

I forwarded this to Steve Franks.  He said it was awesome.  Tell your friends they got an official thumbs up and a special thanks for including the links to the show!

When I saw this I about dropped my teeth.  For those of you who haven’t bought and watched every episode from iTunes, Steve Franks (IMDB Profile) is the creator of the show.

I knew the kids, especially the older ones, would love to hear it, so I called them all into the den and read them the email.  I was right…they all started freaking out! I didn’t even need to tell them who Steve Franks is because they all knew, They’d seen his name in the credits of every episode. Mitchell even said, “The Creator of the show saw our movie!?”

I could see in their eyes that they felt truly special and all from a simple little movie and an email and I thought I would share that with everyone.



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