The 2012 Christmas movie is here

The 2012 Christmas movie is finally here!

Yes, I know its the middle January but this project was a bit bigger and more involved than pretty much any movie we’ve done before. It’s also 8 minutes longer than any of our other movies.  We hope it’s worth the wait.  You can watch it on our YouTube channel here and be sure to “Like it”

Feel free to let us know on our website, facebook, or my new favorite, Google+.

Have a wonderful 2013 and hope to see you soon!


The 2012 Christmas movie is coming!

For those of you asking about our 2012 Christmas movie, It’s just about finished!

With school, work and travel schedules this year, along with a longer script that includes more Cheryl and Brian than ever, shooting took a bit longer than anticipated.  I think we are going to have to hire a couple remote location crews next year. 😉

Editing is just about finished and we plan to release it this weekend right here.

Check this post out on Google+ or FB for a sneak peak at the theme for this year.