A Scary Story (part 1)

Once upon a time on a day close to Halloween, a boy named Mark was outside at night time.  There was the sound of something breathing.  It was behind his house.  Mark got out of his house and went downstairs.  Mark went outside and went behind his house…and his friend said…BOO!

A few days later it was Halloween and Mark went to a party.  While he was there he heard a voice.  Mark went to check it out.  This time it was a monster!  Mark was Scared.  So am I…find out what happened on the next Scary Story.




The Apple Tree Story


Once a time there were some pretty apple seeds.  

Then along came a beautiful apple blossom.

Next came a big delicious apple growing.

Finally an entire tree full of beautiful apples appeared.

The End.


That’s the Apple Tree story. 


Mark and Mason Moving and Grooving

In North Carolina Mark Doerr and Mason Perryman lived right next to each other.Mason moved to Texasbecause his dad got a now job. 2 years later, I moved to Texas also because my dad got a new job.When I moved into my house in Texas, Mason moved right next to us.1 year later mason moved because his dad got a new job.Now we might move too ???!!!-Mark

Barlow Girl Concert

bgirls.jpgThe Barlow Girls also played at the Toby Mac concert.  They sang a lot of songs.  One song was called "Rain Down".  It was so awesome and they sang lots of other songs that I know.  I had a really good view.  They were my second favorite band.  I loved them too.  It was so fun!



Toby Mac Concert

We all went to a Toby Mac concert at Pizza Hut Park, FC Dallas soccer stadium in Frisco.  The Toby Mac concert was great.  He played all the songs that I wanted him to.  I even got a Toby Mac wristband.  He sang "Boomin’", " This Ain’t No Ordinary Love", and "Made To Love".  That was some of the songs.  Because he sang like 30 songs.  We got to go out on the soccer field.  Me and my family loved it.  It was so awesome!

Mark’s Cast

Marks first cast

A few weeks ago I broke my wrist at Mason Perryman’s new house.  

There was a huge blow up bed and I told Mitchell to jump on one side while I jumped on the other.  We wanted to see how high I could go!  I flew up in the air and came back down face first and bent my wrist back and it cracked.  I said right of the bat that it was broken and it felt like something in my wrist wasn’t right.  I cried for 30 minutes.  My Mom twisted may arm and I screamed!   

Marks second cast

My Mom and Dad took me to the doctor.  They told me that I broke my radius bone, the part that controls turning my wrist.  Mom should not have twisted my arm!  They gave me a green cast, Dad’s favorite.  A few days later I went to another doctor who gave me a yellow cast.  Last week I went back to the doctor and got a blue splint.  I have to wear the splint for another 6 weeks and then I can play on the monkey bars, wrestle, and play football.  

I can’t wait.


About school

The first day of school or the second day we did me bags.  Me bags are where you have to put a bag of 5 things together that describe you.  I put a trophy, my glasses case, a very good yu-gi-oh card, my ipod, and a few legos in my bag.  I took it to school and showed it in front of the whole class.   Everybody asked questions about my stuff.  It was lot so fun.A boy named Ryan in my class showed a crystal.  It was cool.  more later…Cool