Mary’s Forthcoming (Homecoming)

Hey Everyone,

Things have been going great here in Texas.  I have made a lot of new friends since I tried out and made the dance team at Wakeland. Our dance team is called The Legacy Line and I met most of my friends from other grades through it. But not only did I make the dance team, I had my first ever Homecoming this year, or should I say Forthcoming. Since my school is new it does not have any alumi. So they call it Forthcoming.

But anyway it was so much fun, even though we had it in our cafeteria (yeah…I know…our cafeteria) Homecoming probably could not have went any better. No, I did not go with any boy because I didn't know any of the boys really well yet.  Anyway, who needs a date at Homecoming to have fun, right?  I hung out with a bunch of my girl friends and let me tell you, we brought the party.  I had some major cramps after the dance because Homecoming went from 8- 12 am, but I still went to my friend Hillary's house who I had not seen most of the dance because she had a date.  I stayed over night and to top it all of my mom took me for a pedicure.

Well love ya'll lots but I got to go catch a plane.  (ed. – Take a look at some picts from the big event under the photos tab up top.)

gtg. bye

Your tap dancing friend

Photo update

I'm still going to wait on input but I'm thinking that iWeb will be the tool of choice.  People seem to like it best,  its simply too easy to set up and it integrates well with iPhoto.  In fact it's so easy, I should be able to realod all the old photos from the old that have been languishing on my hard drive since the 9.0 upgrade.


My 10th Birthday

MKD 10th birthday cakeI had my 10th birthday party yesterday and we had a great time.  You can see some photos by clicking on the iWeb link above or clicking here .

Let me know what you thought about my pictures on the site.


Want more photos…I need your help

I’m trying to decide what to do with the photo section. I have the current photo gallery that needs some work and has always been a bit buggy, and I have two alternatives, Expose and iWeb.  I’d like everyone to take a look at each of them (there are temporary links to each in the menu bar above) and then vote for your favorite on the survey. 

I’ll wait a few weeks and see which one people think is best and go from there.

Thanks for your help!


Well skin me a toad in the hot sunlight!

Yup!  You guessed it.  Its Hot!  I mean Hot!  Real Hot!  Its hotter than the hinges of hades out there and we're busy tryin' to stay cool!  We have averaged over 100 for I can't remember how long.  Its so hot our Chevy Venture's temp guage now reads random temps in the 70s and 80s…wishful thinking on the cars part I bet.

In other TX related news, our kids started school this week and everything seems to be going very well.  Everyone but Maisie is in school five days a week with Matthew now heading off to Frisco Montessori each day.  The only trouble is that Cheryl spends about 3-4 hours per day getting kids to and from school.  Yikes! All aboard!  Well so far Maisie has been handling being carted around every day pretty well and we hope the drivee-time will get shorter as everyone figures out the school schedules and pickup situations.

Our house is coming along too, although we have had some issues with the builder not following the plans too closely and we've been meeting with them weekly to discuss issues.  The problems mostly stem from the fact that the house we bought was planned for someone else and when they backed out, we jumped in.  Well, the first buyer had made quite a few random changes which we reversed to the original spec.  We also made additional modifications as needed.  We met with all involved and documented the final plans.  You would think this would set everything straight…think again.

Since doing all of this, we have found numerus problems which were either items the first buyer wanted that we wanted removed but are still being built into our house, items we added but are not being built into the house, or things that were not on any plan we are aware of, but are still being built into our house.  Items like doors missing, windows missing, closets missing, gas outside fixtures being added, sink plumbing added, a wood burning fireplace rather than gas fireplace, ceiling variations, floor plugs on the opposite side of the room and shower pans poured into the foundation in the wrong places.

In addition we pointed out some structual problems we see with the roofing of the house and are concerned about.  To that end, we sent them photos of the issues and have contacted a structual engineering company to advise us on the integrity of the structure.

The builder has stated that they will fix all of these things and has fixed some of them at this point.  Its just driving Cheryl crazy that all of these problems keep coming up and are not addressed quickly.  We are meeting with the builder and rep Monday evening again to discuss our concerns and see what we can do to get things straightened out.  At this point I told Cheryl that if she wants to, with all of the documentation around the problems and things not being addressed, I think we could easily get out of this deal if she wants to.  We'll see what happens next week and keep you all informed.

Well,  I'd better get to bed.  It's getting late and I need my beauty sleep.  I know I've been bad about getting new photos up so I'll try to get some photos of the kids going off to school and our house up in the next few days.

Take Care!


We’re in Texas!

We've made it to Texas and will be moving into our rental house on the 4th.  We'll post some more photos shortly but internet access is limited so it may not be until next weekend when we get internet access back.

Until then, you can take a look at this Yahoo map of where our new house is being built.

Take care.


We’re Back from Florida

We just got back from our most recent trip to Florida yesterday and I had to get some of the pictures from our trip up here.  For those of you who didn't know, we were in Florida for a week. 

Brian had the HFMA ANI conference to attend for four days and then we kicked around a few parks for the last few. 

We stayed at the Nick Hotel with the Perryman's and the Miller's.  The Hotel was cool and the kids had a blast at the massive pool and waterslide area.

We went to Disney for one day and then to Universal for two days.  None of us had been to Universal Studios in Florida.  It was a lot different than the California Studio (no back lot tour Cry ) but it was still a lot of fun.  If you make it to Florida and have a chance, you should check out Universal Islands of Adventure as the park has some very cool rides, especially if you like roller coasters and Marvel Comics characters.  Some of the best were the Hulk and Spider Man rides. 

The Incredible Hulk coaster was Madeline's first upside-down rollercoaster and she liked it so much that she went twice!

Mark was a big daredevil but couldn't ride the upside-down casters due to his hight.  We'll have to get him on those next go around.  He loved the Spider Man ride though and getting to meet Spider Man.  Mary, Mason and Mitchell loved the Dueling Dragons coaster that flips you all over the place while hanging from the track.

Matthew on the other-hand loved the old favorite, Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride over at Disney World's Magic Kingdom and the Buzz Lightyear ride where he and Dad racked up an amazing 312,725 combined points!  To infinity and beyond!

After 7 days, we headed home to begin the move to Texas.  We'll have more on that soon!  In the meantime, take a look at our vacation pics and let us know what you think.  They are located under the photo section.

Take care and God bless!