2009 Christmas Caper

Wow!  What a Christmas and New Year.  When I looked up it was February and the 2009 Caper was still in the camera.  Well I finally got a moment to work on it this weekend when we were snowed in for a bit…so without further ado…

This years caper brings back an old foe and brings us a cameo from a professional actor (can you guess who?).  Take a gander and let us know what you think.

Testing out a Joomla iPhone app

I’m sitting here watching Mason’s football practice and testing out a new website management app for my iPhone. It let’s me insert images from my camera. We’ll see how this works but it could be very interesting and give the kids an easy blogging platform.

More soon but this is as easy at tweeting but I can be much more verbose. Yippee!


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My Birthday

For my birthday I am going paint balling. I am going to have so much fun but i’am not so sure that I am going to do it because all my friends are 9.

But you have to be 10 so I may do it next year.

If I do it next year it will take a longer time to go paint balling.

Well at least I have about 5 weeks until my birthday.

And at least I get to go paint balling either way.

And don’t worry i’am going to tell you what I do.


NCAA finals here I come


My parents gave me an early birthday present and I got blown away.

I got 2 Tickets to the final 4, and 2 tickets to the championship game.

I screamed at the top of my lungs. It was the best day of my life. I hugged my Mom and Dad so hard. I got so shocked. My heart was beating really fast. I give a shout out to My brother for letting me have the tickets for my birthday and not getting mad. I also give a shout out to My Mom + Dad and Amy + Jim Oppat.

Here is the video of me opening up my awesome present.

(ed. note:  The title of the video and language are a bit inappropriate captured the reaction perfectly so I had to use it.)




2008 Christmas Caper

The 2008 Christmas Caper is here!  We were wondering if there would be a caper this year until Santa called us just before Christmas.  Needless to say the Doerrstop kids were on the case.

Check it out…


The bloopers reel is in the works and will be posted as soon as we can stop laughing!