2007 Christmas Caper on its way!

Things have been a bit crazier than usual this Christmas season, with work, school and Mary heading to China, but I wanted to let everyone know that our the latest installment of the Christmas Caper is in final production.  Be sure to check back on Christmas day after you open presents and drink some egg nog, gather the family around the LCD, and check it out.

Then check you mailbox over the coming week and you should see our Christmas card and letter.

Hey we’re trying to keep the wheels on around here and still enjoy the season. 🙂 


Goin’ back to Cali…for Thanksgiving

We are heading to California for Thanksgiving tomorrow morning.  A big roadtrip in the church van.  We should have some good picts and blogs once we return next Sunday.  If we don’t talk with you before the holiday, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


The Incident

When mitchell and I got back from getting our shots we went to the school to get our bikes.  When we got there, Caitlin’s bike was still there then someone yelled, "Caitlin is inside looking for you guys still" and it was 4:40.  We went inside and couldn’t find her.  Then one of our teachers said she was just in there so when we went outside of his classroom.  There was Caitlin.  She said she went to tutorials and they ended at 4:20.  Then she couldn’t find us so she got scared.  So after she told us the story we were going home and I heard a loud screaming from behind me.  Caitlin had slid on the grass and into the parking lot.  Mitchell went to go get help but Caitlin’s parents wern’t home so I took her to her house and put ice on all the bruises.  In the end there were no broken bones thank god.


Little Luncheonette of Terror

madpete2.jpgLast night I had Madeline’s and my play performance. After all the practice I finally learned all my line and all the moves I had to do at the right time and I did everything perfect. 


I had a really great time but I’m sad that it is over because now I will have nothing to do because football season ends next Monday and I won’t get to hang out with all my friends at practices. 


I sure am going to sign up for the next play. But at least we will all get together one more time to have an after party and I’ll get to hang out with everyone before it’s all over.  

Mark’s True Halloween Story

mrdbones.jpgAt the beginning of my Halloween adventure, somebody came up to my door.  I was dressed up as a skeleton. The people who were knocking on the door had a dog.  I forgot that dogs don’t like skeletons.  The dog started barking at me and I said, "Hey!  What’s up?"  Then I realized that dogs don’t like skeletons.  I started walking backwards slowly and turned around and ran inside.

After that were going to go trick or treating but my Mom had to take my sister Mary to see her friends and then come back.  Then we could go.  It took about an hour. (ed. 15 minutes in big people time)  It was dark when she got back and my Dad took us to trick or treat.  We saw a blue house on the way and we saw button on the table and asked the man there, "What does the button do?"  He said, "You wanna see?"  He pushed the button and a monster sat forward and went, "EERRRRR!" at us.  We all said, "WAAAAHHHH!" and got scared.  We got our treats and left quickly.  When we were going we all screamed some more!

Then we went home and ate two pieces of candy.  We brushed our teeth and went downstairs.  We took a bath and went back upstairs.  We got our jammies on and theeennnn we went to sleep.  The end. -Mark


My Spooky Halloween

mmdjester.jpgOne night on October 31st, I had a really scary costume and my Dad an everybody else in our family went trick or treating and got tons of candy.  

We also had this really cool smoke machine at our house and a projector that projected a big "BOO!" on our garage.  When we were done trick or treating we weighed our candy bag and found out that we had seventeen pounds of candy! Surprised  My costume was an Evil Jester.  My costume was black, red and white.  It scared this little girl that came over to our house to trick or treat.

I had to take my hat off because it kept falling down and that bugged me.  But my Dad safety pinned it and that helped.

That was the best Halloween ever!Tongue out-Mason 

Matthew at Halloween

mjdstitch.jpgOn Halloween, I went trick or treating.  I was dressed up as Stitch from Lilo and Stitch.  I loved my costume.  

I loved it so much it was the same one I wore last year.

I also got to use my orange pumpkin bag that I got on our field trip to the pumpkin patch.  I got a lots of bunches of candy!Laughing

Why does Halloween have to end?