New Evolution Video

Just a quick note tonight to tell you I have another new Evolution
video up movie section of the media gallery called 05 Dry Bones. This one is a quick montage set of Ezekiel 37 1-8 by Tal
from our congregation. This is the first part of a passage many refer to as the
Dry Bones passage. In it, we hear from Ezekiel of God’s power to breathe the
breath of life back into a valley of dry bones, speaking to the hope God gives
to the lost.
Let me know what you

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With the recent redesign of the site I would like to get some feedback on how you like the new look. So I implemented a quick poll just like the ones I used to do for Marksmen . On the left side just under the Google search box (which you should use often as I get paid for every search conducted from you will see the current poll.

Take a gander.

I’m also open to poll ideas so comment away below and let me know.


Welcome our newest addition!

Get ready for more movies! We just took delivery
of the newest member of our family, or as my friend Mike said, " should I say
This newest addition weighs in at 46 pounds and comes with two brains. It has a
shiny skin and is liquid cooled…but no diapers

You might have guessed that
I’m talking about my new Apple Macintosh Dual G5 . It’s massive and
considering that its raw speed is 9 times (and two processor generations) newer
than my little iMac, to say it’s fast to me is an understatement. I’ve been
busy setting it up, getting organized and backing up our movies, songs and
photos to DVD for archiving.

that is all in place I’ll be jumping into the new video editing software Final Cut
Express HD
to learn the basics and a few extras about what it will
bring to my movies. Now all I need are a few good ideas, a new camera and a
film and lighting crew and I’m on my way to Sundance!

G5 comes with a lot of free software including the latest versions of OmniGraffle  , a
very cool design tool we used to make Maisie’s announcement, iWork and
, which include a new version of GarageBand, the software used to
make our song. There’s a lot more free stuff but I’ll go into that another
time. Suffice it to say that we are all very excited to play and see what we
can create with all this new stuff.

keep watching for more fun and exciting (for us anyways)


Uncle Mark and Aunt Loretta come a callin’

Yeah!  Uncle Mark and Aunt Loretta gave the kids a great Christmas present this year…a trip to visit them in NC!  They arrived in late February and we were off and running.  They planned their trip to coincide with the opening of Mary’s Middle school play, Into the Woods Jr. where she played "Granny".  It just so happened that the same week the kids had a short break from school, so Mark and Loretta got to spend some extra quality time bonding.

Not resting on their laurels, they squeezed in a trip to see Mary perform with NCYTE at a local school show and Mark caught one of Mary’s improvs on tape . Then Mark was Mystery Reader for Mason’s class. We also could not miss a trip to the Duke historic homestead and tobacco museum  where they wax nostalgic for the time when smokes were king.  
Whew!  A lot of fun stuff.

All-in-all it was a great time the kids won’t soon forget, especially with some great picts from the adventure, which you can see more of right here .  let us know what you think.

– brian

Maisie’s Baptism

On January 18, 2005 the Pries’ came to town to join us in celebrating Maisie’s baptism. We had a great time and of course, when the the Pries’ are here, there is always a pool involved. You may remember them from one of our first videos from 2000, Splish Splash where we all went to a hotel in Ann Arbor, MI with a huge indoor pool and pool-side rooms.

The visit was fun…but too short. You can check out some photos from the visit here .


Sad News

We found out some extremely sad news this morning when we were informed that our Senior Pastor, Raegan May, took his life last evening and the young age of 41.  

Raegan was a wonderful speaker and delivered many very powerful and insightful sermons.  On numerous occasions I sat listening and reflecting that Raegan spoke like he was going through all of the same hardships we all experience, that he was on the same hard journey of life.  I always respected that sharing of the small insight into his personal struggles but never imagined that they weighed so heavily on him, as he seemed to have his path figured out.  As everyone in the congregation and neighborhood, we wish we had known more of his suffering so that we could have assisted him, as he has so many of us.

As a friend and neighbor Raegan was helpful and caring. visiting us in the hospital numerous times to offer prayers and counseling.  His inspiration to friends and new Christians just beginning their journey was awe-inspiring.  Raegan will be remembered for the incredible and positive impact he had on so many lives.

Our most recent personal experience with Raegan was on Tuesday evening when he and Pastor Greg Arthur baptized Maisie during our Evolution service.  Raegan was sick that night but made a special trip over to bless the water for which Maisie would be baptized with and congratulate us before getting home to rest.  

We are all stunned and shocked!  We’ve been at Church, helping get the word out to others in our congregation and community while we try to understand this tragedy.  As we work through the grief and sadness, trying to understand, we all keep his wife Lee, their three young daughters and our Church staff close to our hearts.   We offer up our prayers and hope you will too.

For more information about Christ Methodist Church, or to hear some of Raegan’s recent sermons, please see our church website .  

For more information about depression please check out this site .  
For more information about understanding and coping with suicide you might want to check out this site and/or this book .  

If you are reading this and thinking about suicide, please click here now .

Peace of Christ,

UPDATE: Our church has put the homily from Raegan’s service of thanksgiving up on the church website.  Click here to listen .  Bill Gatis’ homily was a wonderful tribute to Raegan and his life.

Site Redesign

I am thinking about a new site design that would make this page like this the homepage for

I’m also collecting some other free tools for the site, for both me and you, so once I have those and some time to play with the css (design) of this page and maybe some others, I’ll let you know.  Hopefully it will make the site easier to navigate and more informational.