We’re in Texas!

We've made it to Texas and will be moving into our rental house on the 4th.  We'll post some more photos shortly but internet access is limited so it may not be until next weekend when we get internet access back.

Until then, you can take a look at this Yahoo map of where our new house is being built.

Take care.


We’re Back from Florida

We just got back from our most recent trip to Florida yesterday and I had to get some of the pictures from our trip up here.  For those of you who didn't know, we were in Florida for a week. 

Brian had the HFMA ANI conference to attend for four days and then we kicked around a few parks for the last few. 

We stayed at the Nick Hotel with the Perryman's and the Miller's.  The Hotel was cool and the kids had a blast at the massive pool and waterslide area.

We went to Disney for one day and then to Universal for two days.  None of us had been to Universal Studios in Florida.  It was a lot different than the California Studio (no back lot tour Cry ) but it was still a lot of fun.  If you make it to Florida and have a chance, you should check out Universal Islands of Adventure as the park has some very cool rides, especially if you like roller coasters and Marvel Comics characters.  Some of the best were the Hulk and Spider Man rides. 

The Incredible Hulk coaster was Madeline's first upside-down rollercoaster and she liked it so much that she went twice!

Mark was a big daredevil but couldn't ride the upside-down casters due to his hight.  We'll have to get him on those next go around.  He loved the Spider Man ride though and getting to meet Spider Man.  Mary, Mason and Mitchell loved the Dueling Dragons coaster that flips you all over the place while hanging from the track.

Matthew on the other-hand loved the old favorite, Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride over at Disney World's Magic Kingdom and the Buzz Lightyear ride where he and Dad racked up an amazing 312,725 combined points!  To infinity and beyond!

After 7 days, we headed home to begin the move to Texas.  We'll have more on that soon!  In the meantime, take a look at our vacation pics and let us know what you think.  They are located under the photo section.

Take care and God bless!



Going Away Parties

It had to happen.  As we get closer to the day of departure, parties
abound that get us more excited about the adventure in front of us and
sad to leave the friends we've made. {moszoomthumb imgid=875} We just added a few sets of picts
from our Southern Village going away party last weekend at the soccer
fields in SV.

It was a great time!

We had a bounce
house and blow-up slide for the kids along with hot dogs, burgers, and
dessert. We couldn't have asked for a better day and a better send off
from 150+ of our closest friends.

{moszoomthumb imgid=878} Then
on Monday my team scheduled a "staff meeting" at On The Border. It was
an awesome time with the liquid refreshments flowin'. My team geve me a
Cowboy hat with my infamous Revenue Cycle on it and I gave them each a
Fiance Business Intelligence (F.B.I.) hat and told them all to remember
they are the revenue cycle swat team.  I'll miss them all and we
had a great time as you can probably tell from the photos. Thanks to
Hib for taking the pictues. 

Check them out in the Photo section or just click the photos.

We’re in the paper (again)!

The Durham Herald Sun newspaper wasinterviewing NCYTE members recently
for a feature article they were writing when they heard that we we
moving and would be flying Mary and Madeline back to Chapel Hill to
work with company. 

A reporter from the paper called and asked to
interview the girls.  They came over the next day and talked with
Mary, Madeline and Cheryl about NCYTE and their committment to the
company in light of our move. 

The story was very exciting and ran
on Sunday June 4, 2006 on the front page story on the Life section.  You can read the story online here, although they did not post the two pages of photos they included in the story.

Let us know what you think of the article.


We’re Movin!

I know…we said it…we said we'd never leave Chapel Hill…but I just
couldn't pass up this opportunity.  It is a great job as
Director of Revenue Reporting and Analysis with Triad Hospitals
in Plano, TX.  I'll be heading financial revenue cycle reporting
and associated reporting technology implementation for their 50+
hospitals.  The system has many of the same issues that face(d)
Duke University Health System so it will be interesting to see how a
for-profit systems deals with these issues.

The only reason I
even took the call on this job is that I will once again be working
with my old Duke boss Scott Perryman out there.  I know…only for
a few montsh the way he's been movin' around.  But even so, I
think this will be a great opportunity for me and will provide us with
the ability to leverage the housing prices in Chapel Hill in order to
get some more space and a little bit bigger lot in a town called

Speaking of our house, we have already sold it to
a nice family from Connecticut and hope to close on Juen 29th. and we'll
be planning on heading out that day to Texas.  Once we get there
we will be renting a house for 6 months while we finish construction on
our new home in Frisco.  We hope to have the new house finsihed
and be moved in by Thanksgiving, Christmas at the latest.

we'll be sending on a few more blog entries from our nice little home
in Southern Village.  We're sad to leave our friends, our Church, and the
community, but very excited by the adventure that awaits us.  Keep
us in your prayers and please come visit us in the Lone Star state soon!



Site Status Check

Well, I’m getting things settled in on this site.

I’ve added all of the blogs from our old site so we don’t lose that history. Now that it is here, at least the records are all in the DB. Hopefully I won’t have to do that again as it was a manual copy and paste process out of the current desktop tool I was using. YUK!

I’ve also uploaded all our old movies and yes Cheryl, I’ve added little preview pictures to each one so now you can quickly idetify the movie you want to watch all without being able to read. That was really important as Mark and Matthew love to sit and watch every movie everam de over and over again. They are all great movies but they do start to get on your nerves after two to three hundred viewings in the other room. Matthew in particular loves to stop and start certain sections over and over.

The photos are coming but that is a little more trying as iPhoto does not store my comments in EXIF format. I’ve been looking for a tool that will do that but haven’t found a good one yet. If you’re a Mac programmer and you are reading this…call me quick! I only have a few thousand photos I want to put up.

The music is giving me the most trouble as the tool I’m using for movies and photos now has beta music support. It doesn’t work. Guess that’s why its beta. After weeks on their message board and numerous tweaks, I decided to put up a simple mp3 player for now. No comments, rankings or smilies, but it works.

Just thought I would give everyone an update on how things are going around here. I hope to startposting more now that things are settling down with this site and the others I’ve been working on.


Welcome to Doerrstop 9.0

Welcome to the latest revision of Doerrstop.com. This remake have been a month in the making and utilizes some really cool database technology to allow me to do some real cool things with the site.

The Reason
So why did I do this? Three reasons. First, I thought the site needed a cleaner and simpler interface that would allow quicker access to the photos, movies, and music. The site design was getting old and needed someting a bit more visually interesting. And finally, I wanted to use some technology that would let me and the kids edit the site from anywhere we wanted rather than being tied to the machine where I had the blogging software and site content installed. This redesign addressed all of those needs and more.

The Technology
I’m utilizing the same databse driven web technology that I’ve used on 3 recent web projects (www.thelaughterclub.org, www.ncyte.org and www.christmethodist.org) to bring a nice design and added functionality to the site.

This software is free and opensource and has a large community of developers. That helps me out when I find a problem and I need an answer. It also assists me when I want to add new features to the site as many of my ideas have already been implemented and I can use and build on what is already available. You will see some of those new features coming out soon so stay tuned.