The Incident

When mitchell and I got back from getting our shots we went to the school to get our bikes.  When we got there, Caitlin’s bike was still there then someone yelled, "Caitlin is inside looking for you guys still" and it was 4:40.  We went inside and couldn’t find her.  Then one of our teachers said she was just in there so when we went outside of his classroom.  There was Caitlin.  She said she went to tutorials and they ended at 4:20.  Then she couldn’t find us so she got scared.  So after she told us the story we were going home and I heard a loud screaming from behind me.  Caitlin had slid on the grass and into the parking lot.  Mitchell went to go get help but Caitlin’s parents wern’t home so I took her to her house and put ice on all the bruises.  In the end there were no broken bones thank god.




School, School is great I have had a lot of fun. In computer literacy I am getting a 100! How awesome Is that.

I am still working on the musical after school from 4:00 to 6:00 It is tiring but I still have time for my homework. The play is coming in 5 days. I am soooooo excited. We will probably put it on so look.

All my other grades are going well. I can’t wait for the play it is the first I have ever been in. If uncle Mark is there I want to say great job on your t.v. show It was awesome. I have made so many new friends in the musical and they are so cool.

Other then Maisie’s birthday nothing really exciting has happened.

I want to say hello to all my blog reader’s. Thank you for reading. I will catch you up on the rest of my life when anything exciting happens. So keep reading to find out more info about me Madeline…A.K.A Melon.


Baby-sitting is awesome. Like this story I am writing.


Mitchell had asked me if I wanted to babysit. I thought It would be fun but I didn’t know that I was going to baby sit for 5 hours. We got up at 7am in the morning and got ready to baby sit. Then when I went to his house I didn’t feel very tired anymore.  I felt like I was surrounded by warmness that filled my body.  The experience was amazing.  I got to experience what happens when a baby chokes and then spits up.  It really gave me a lot of responsibility but thank god my brother was there to help me figure things out. But in the end It was all worth it.  I made a new friend.  So what he was 15 months old. I had a great time and I hope Devin did too. Laughing



Little Luncheonette of Terror

when I was trying out for the school musical I was scared. But after i was finished I felt great I had tried out with my


 brother and my friend Caitlin.The next night I was tossing and turning over if I would get the callbacks or not . The next day when I looked at the callbacks my name wasn’t on It but caitlin and Mitchell’s were.I still had a chance though.I was a litle sad that I didn’t make the callbacks though.

The next day they would post up the cast list. Through the whole day I was so scared but excited. Then when It was posted my brother said he saw my name on there somewhere,and he got the main part. Then I looked at my name and it said… Lights.  

 I was so disappointed  my friend at least got a do-wap girl.My mom said if I went to all the practices I might get moved up. I went to every practice but after 5 weeks I was still in the same place.

Then someone wasn’t there one day so I got to stand in for them. It was fun and at the end of practice Mrs.Noble called me over and said "would you like to be in the play" and of course  I said "yes" . And from now on I am student 10. I even got my own script and lyric book.


Pictures from Sky Ranch

My dad finally got around to putting together a couple pages of the photos he and a few others took at Sky Ranch.  You can check them out by going to the iweb link up top.


Pink Elementary goes to Sky Ranch-day 3

Day 3

We woke up this morning to a steady rain.  We packed up our things. loaded them onto the trailers and headed to breakfast.  Then we were off to Weathering where we had to demonstrate all of different types of weathering.  Wow! Lots of jumping around and melting.  After that, we went on a nature hike in the drizzling rain.  It was very interesting and we got a bit wet before lunch.

After the hike we ate lunch and headed to the busses in the pouring rain.  We had to load all of the luggage in the rain and boy was that fun.  Then it was off we went back to school.

We all had a great time pictures coming soon…

Pink Elementary goes to Sky Ranch-day 2

Day 2
The second day of camp started at 6:45am.  We got up and went to breakfast.  The pancakes, sausage, cereal and fruit were all good.  Then on to horseback riding where our group had a great time!  After that, it was over to the organic garden where we saw a spider that helps eat insects in the garden.  
After the garden we headed over to lunch.  One of the guys was outside the lunch hall using Bullwhip.  I tried to do it but just couldn't get it right…almost took my head off a couple times, but nothing more.  
After lunch we headed over to Aquatics and learned about the life of the water molecule as it travels around the ecosystem.  The kids all tried to be nymphs surviving in the ecosystem and then went over to the pond and dug around in the mud for different creatures.  It was messy but very fun for the kids.
Some of the chaperones had not been horseback riding so a group of us went over and rode horses for a bit.  Very fun but I was't ready for the trotting, especially when I was trying to take a few pictures.
After dinner we practiced our skit and went over and watched a video about pushing ourselves a bit harder, participating and preparing for the future.  They used Toby Mac's Extreme Days as music for the video.
Then we went over to the campfire and performed out skits.  They were all very funny.  Then, just to settle the kids down, we gave them smores!  Again…off to teh showers, packing and bed.  Tomorrow we head home!