Thoughts on My School and Dad’s iPod

I love my school.  My teacher’s names are Ms. McEntyre and Ms. Jones.  I counted 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9 in my class last time.  I like to go to Garden and then I grab my bag.  I like writing on the paper. I wish I could stay for lunch.  -ed: Mom misses her and picks her up before lunch.

 I also like my dad’s ipod and put them in my ear.  I like to listen to Boys Don’t Cry (Fergie) and I Can Hear The Bells (Hairspray).






If you can walk, you can tap!

The old saying goes, "If you can walk, you can dance!" Maisie figured that out pretty quickly. She’s been walking now for about six weeks, and she’s been wanting to dance since she first started watching the North Carolina Youth Tap Ensemble (NCYTE) practice on Saturday afternoons.

Maisie finally got her wish.

On Wednesday afternoon, Gene Medler, the founder and director of NCYTE, presented Maisie with her first pair of tap shoes. Obviously they don’t make tap shoes small enough for a very tiny 17 month old. But that didn’t stop Gene. While in historic Washington N.C., where NCYTE performed over the weekend, Gene and his friend Aimee searched for the perfect shoe to apply taps to. The two decided on an old-fashioned pair of black and white wing-tipped boots. When Gene got home he went to work gluing the taps on. The following day, Gene gave Maisie her new fangled tap shoes. After studying them on her feet for a moment, Maisie soon figured out they made noise. Once she got home in her own environment, she let loose and started tapping all over the place.

Watch out hoofers of America…here comes Maisie! If you want to see her in action, check out the video by clicking on Movies/Photos above.


I’m walkin’!

{moszoomthumb imgid=739 style_m=2 caption=(I’m a walker!)}OK…so my Dad is helping me out with this beacuse my typing skills are not the best yet (like his are…Mr. Hunt and Peck) but I wanted to let everyone know that I am walking around this place like I own the whole world. It’s all cake from here on out daddy-o!

I begged my Dad to take a few pictures of me stylin’ around the kitchen and put them up on this site. So if you want to see them, and I know you do, just click to photos and then click on 06 Masie Walks.

See ya!