Our Family Trip to San Antonio

Last weekend my family went to San Antonio. We went to see my sister Madeline dance. It was so much fun. In San Antonio also went on a boat ride with a Guide.  He gave us so much great information about San Antonio. He showed us illusions, and great places to go. Also at the very end of our trip we got to go to the Alamo. I got great pictures and Mitchell my brother showed me all around. I love going so much I hope we go again.  That was my story about our trip to San Antonio. I hope you have a great spring break.

Lemonade Stand

My sister Maisie,  My brothers Mason and Matthew and I set up a lemonade stand that also sold bottle water, giant cookies, and brownies.

We had a ton of customers that were super nice to us. We posted news about our stand using twitter and facebook.

We sold lemonade for over 5 hours in the hot sun. It was over a hundered degrees.

My dad thought it would be a good idea to do a survey of our customers over which colladge was the best.  Texas and Texas Tech won sadly. Evan though they won me and my brother still had a good time.

We also used a iphone app called square so evan if they did not have any cash they could use there credit card, we took visa, mastercard, discover, and american express.

We had a great time.
-Mark Doerr

VBS grace avenue

Hey I wanted to tell you my awesome week at Vacation Bible School or VBS. The first day when I got there I was kind of bored but then one of my two best friend got there from school I was so happy. In arts and crafts we made drums. First we got two cups from chilies taped them together on the bottom. Then we taped it all around with tape and made sure there were no spots that you could see. Next we went out side and played sharks and minnows. I was doing great but Garrison or Gary and Austin were already sharks and on the third round 4 people gathered up and all of them tried to get me. They got me and the game was over. Then we played kick ball but we didn’t have much time and at the end of the game it was zero to zero. After that we went to story telling where we learned a lot about God and how you should treat other people. Next we made spiders to tell 1 thing or 8 small things about what we are special for. Then we got to learn how to sing and dance for God before we went home.

The next day we painted our drums and drew whatever we want on them and made a game. We learned new songs every day and dances.

On Thursday we got to slide on water slides and play football. My friend Austin was not there and missed the snow cones. My brother Mitchell was the guy who helps out side. At the end of water day we watched him slide down.

On Friday we got to see famous african drummers. They were awesome! We learned a song. Then I had to leave and I was sad because I would miss my friends. But I guess I will see them at school in fifth grade this year.


-Mark Doerr

My Birthday

For my birthday I am going paint balling. I am going to have so much fun but i’am not so sure that I am going to do it because all my friends are 9.

But you have to be 10 so I may do it next year.

If I do it next year it will take a longer time to go paint balling.

Well at least I have about 5 weeks until my birthday.

And at least I get to go paint balling either way.

And don’t worry i’am going to tell you what I do.


My Thanksgiving

My Thanksgiving yesterday was the best day ever!

First I woke up and played on the computer. Then I helped to make the eggs for breakfast.  Next my family did the christmas lights outside. At night I had turkey, broccoli, stuffing and potatoes. We cleaned up and ate pie. After pie we had a family meeting and I helped to come up with the new Christmas caper movie idea. 

Then we had a family movie night and watch Her Best Move. Then we went to bed. 



Mark’s True Halloween Story

mrdbones.jpgAt the beginning of my Halloween adventure, somebody came up to my door.  I was dressed up as a skeleton. The people who were knocking on the door had a dog.  I forgot that dogs don’t like skeletons.  The dog started barking at me and I said, "Hey!  What’s up?"  Then I realized that dogs don’t like skeletons.  I started walking backwards slowly and turned around and ran inside.

After that were going to go trick or treating but my Mom had to take my sister Mary to see her friends and then come back.  Then we could go.  It took about an hour. (ed. 15 minutes in big people time)  It was dark when she got back and my Dad took us to trick or treat.  We saw a blue house on the way and we saw button on the table and asked the man there, "What does the button do?"  He said, "You wanna see?"  He pushed the button and a monster sat forward and went, "EERRRRR!" at us.  We all said, "WAAAAHHHH!" and got scared.  We got our treats and left quickly.  When we were going we all screamed some more!

Then we went home and ate two pieces of candy.  We brushed our teeth and went downstairs.  We took a bath and went back upstairs.  We got our jammies on and theeennnn we went to sleep.  The end. -Mark


A Scary Story (part 3)

Then Mark turned back and said, " Wait, he might be friendly!"  Mason said, "Are you crazy?"  But Mark was sure.  So they both opened the door and walked outside.  

The scary monster came around the corner and stopped right there in a big pile of goo.  Then the monster said, "I lost my planet and I need to get back. Can you two help me?"  Mason and Mark looked at each other and then at the monster.  "Sure!" They both said.

They fixed his spaceship, which was sitting on the Pink elementary school playground and then they said goodbye to the monster.  "Wait!" said the Monster, "Do you want to see my planet?"  Mason and Mark said, " SURE!" and hopped in.  They all took a trip to the scary monster’s planet and saw all the cool gooey stuff.  Then the scary monster took them back home and dropped them off.  Mark and Mason gave the monster a big hug and got all gooey, but they didn’t mind.  They waved goodbye and the spaceship took off.

Mason and Mark went home and both got yelled at for getting all gooey, but they didn’t mind because they had lots of fun with the not so scary monster.  The monster came back sometimes to visit them and they all lived happily ever after.  The end.