Friendship Poem

Two weeks ago me and my class learned a poem. We had to do it in front of the whole class.  We had to stare at them and say it. It was a great poem and we practiced it for the whole week except for Friday.  I was very nervous standing at the front of the class.  I did a great job and got a 100%.  Here is the Poem:


A friend is a person

who wishes you well

and keeps all the secrets

that you like to tell

Friends share their toys

and storybooks too

Friends can be older

or younger than you

More soon…Surprised


Mark’s Birthday

I turned 6 and had a humongus birthday party at Pump It Up. Check out the new photos here and let me know what you think. I know they are bit late but my Dad says he has been real busy.

Check for the slides in the media gallery.


A day at the circus

Last Friday we attended the circus at Mark’s Binkley Preschool. We all had a great time, except for Mom who got elephant poop dumped on her by a monkey! Aside from that little problem we enjoyed all of the acts. I spent a little time this weekend pulling together some of the highlights for you take a look at in the media gallery .


Dino Dance

Once upon a time, the dinosaurs were doing tap dancing.
Some of the dinosaurs got pinched on the trees.
A blue Stegosaurus came to help them off the trees.

He gave each one a Band-Aid? and then they all started to dance again.

-Mark Doerr

Rainbow Cow

A Rainbow Cow and a

Once upon a time there was a rainbow cow who
came along riding on the caboose of a train. He got off the train and then he
jumped and he didn’t see a truck was there and he fell into the

Next he fell out of the truck
and onto the ground and the truck ran over the cow. He hurt his whole body and
his bones.

Then this guy came to help
him. He put a whole bunch of band-aids? on him and then he was

He lived happily ever after. The


Mark’s First Blog Entry

Read on to discover what’s going on inside the head of a 5 year old. It might amaze or just stupefy you.

Once there was a pig. His name was Rocky. There was a truck coming and so he jumped into a garbage can. The truck picked up the garbage can and threw the garbage away with Rocky. So Rocky was in the garbage truck.

There was a horse that was also there and he tried to pull Rocky out of the garbage truck. His name was Glasses but he did not have glasses. He used a rope and threw it to Rocky. It had a hole at the end and it went around Rocky’s stomach and he pulled him out of the garbage truck.

So then Mark came by to ride the Glasses and Rocky followed them.

The End.