Mary’s letter about her ACL

I thought I would share Mary’s note to NCYTE, her tap company, in North Carolina.  It’s a bit ragged and disjointed as she wrote it at 2:30am, but I think its pure Mary…  -brian


Hey Everyone,


On Friday the 3rd of October I tore my ACL in half when I hyper extended my right leg during a kick routine at the pep rally. The worst part is they told me for sure it wasn’t my ACL at first and then last Saturday I went and got an MRI and on Monday they told me it was for sure my ACL.


I have kind of been in a mental shock for the past couple of days so if I haven’t replied to emails, text messages, or phone calls I am so sorry. The whole thing has kind of been an emotional roller coaster because at this point I’m wondering why this happened to me.

This is when I realized everything happens for a reason whether you like it or not.

So far I’ve learned how being a leader on the drill team is more than just the dancing, it also has to do with moral support and supporting your team. And just as I am supporting my dance team back here in Texas ya’ll also have my full support. I believe in all of you and this past year was one of the best years of my life and I owe it all to you guys.

My passion is dance and once that was taken away from me I was devastated but ya know it really made me appreciate dance so much more. I’m hoping I will be out of rehabilitation sooner than the 6 months, which shouldn’t be hard especially if I do my exercises.

I’m scared and mostly for the shots and the laughing gas more than the actual surgery which it so weird I know. But on the positive side I hurt myself doing what I love to do and plus that was the best high kick I had ever done in my life.  It was like all the way up to my head.  It was so weird that everyone thought that I had kicked myself in the face and that’s why I was limping off the middle of the floor. haha I was like no that’s definitely not what happened, I wish.

Well I’m gonna go to bed because I’m exhausted because I just got back from the football game that I wasn’t able to perform at. Wish me luck I should be getting my surgery in about 2-3 weeks. Thank y’all so much for everything and I hope to see y’all really soon and I’m hoping I can do some dancing in the Carolina theater show.

I love all of y’all even those that don’t know me yet. Good luck this year.  I wish I was with you guys.

Mary Doerr

Your tap dancing friend


China Day 1 and 2

ed. – This is the first in a series of journal entries about Mary’s trip to China.  It may take me a bit to get them all up but I thought that they would be interesting.


Dec 17/18

Monday/Tuesday seemed like aneternity. I woke up at 2:00 in the morning because Gene wanted us to meet atthe airport at 3:00, a good 3 hours before our flight. I was staying with the Hickey’s and we left at about 2:15. I was so tired I couldn’t function and Luke couldn’t either. He talked the entire way to the airport trying to keephimself awake. We got there a little early and waited for the rest of the crew.

Then we checked in and got in the security line and I have to admit that was thebiggest security line I have ever seen, especially at 4:00 in the morning. Once we finally got out of security, we got all of our things and started walking toour gate at 5-5:15 am. Finally after we arrived at our gate we maybe sat downfor about 10 minutes and then they started boarding our flight to Detroit. 

I barely slept on the flight to Detroit ’cause it was only about 2 hours from North Carolina and once we got there we just had to wait and get on another plane…but this time to Tokyo. We sat there for 3 1/2 hoursjust waiting to board and another 30 minutes to actually take off. Thankgoodness there was a McDonalds near by were we could get a “filling yethealthy” meal. Once we finished watching this really cool fountain 


we had found in the Detroit airport we headed back to our gate were everyone was just getting ready to board. The airplane, or should I say Airbus, was huge.There were two floors, but the top floor was only for the first class. The flight was 13 hours and I sat by myself, well not all by myself, just with people I didn’t know. 


The girl sitting next to me was really nice though. She was going to Korea to visit her family because she is going to college in the Americas. We would start talking to each other on the rare occasion when bothof us were up and she was really fun to talk to. Other than just sleep and talk, I watched movies. There were huge screens in each section of seats, they gave you headphones, and they put on movie after movie of everything from The Simpson’s Movie to Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause. The only downside was the food. I got way grossed out by the beef I got but the chicken the Korean girl next tome got didn’t seem very appetizing either. The rolls, fruit and salad were goodbut the meat was just so slimy and too chewy.  It was also weird because I ate dinner for lunch but I didn’t have breakfast I fell asleep and apparently the girl sitting next to mecould not wake me up. I can’t help it…I am a heavy sleeper. Oh and in the middle of the plane flight I met one of my NCYTE friends by the bathroom and she showed me how you could see the Alaskan Mountains. It was amazing because they seemed so close to the plane I felt like we were going to crash into them.

So after my ears had popped over a million times we hadfinally landed in Tokyo, Japan and went through security where you didn’t have to take off you shoes. Amazing! And let me tell you, many people in my company like Luke and me took off their shoes but I found out my mistake and quickly put my shoes. 


Poor Luke he was waiting forever for his shoes but they weren’t coming through because they don’t check shoes. 


The airport was absolutely amazing and they also had acandy shop, which had very weird but cool looking candies in multiple shapes and colors. 


They also had really clean water…the exact opposite of where I washeading. So right before we were about to get on the last plane to China a bunch of other tappers from other companies came running, getting in line for the flight to Beijing.

The plane to Beijing was even nicer than the one to Tokyo. It had separate TV’s for each person.  So I watched Ratatouille while Luke skipped from movie to movie and finally stopped on Fantastic 4. Getting close to the endof the movie the flight attendants started handing out declaration papers,arrival and departure cards, and immigration papers which you were to fill outin order to get through security in the Beijing airport. When we landed and got through security, we got our luggage and headed towards this huge van where all of the dancers were supposedto be taken to the hotel. When I got to the hotel, I found my roommate Hannah Kenton from TWA (since Elizabeth got mono the day before we left and unfortunately could not come), got aroom, and headed up to my room.  I didn’t even get up to my room until 12 am. Finally I took a shower, dried my hair and went to bed. 

 Amazing first couple days…more to come soon. – Mary 

Mary’s Forthcoming (Homecoming)

Hey Everyone,

Things have been going great here in Texas.  I have made a lot of new friends since I tried out and made the dance team at Wakeland. Our dance team is called The Legacy Line and I met most of my friends from other grades through it. But not only did I make the dance team, I had my first ever Homecoming this year, or should I say Forthcoming. Since my school is new it does not have any alumi. So they call it Forthcoming.

But anyway it was so much fun, even though we had it in our cafeteria (yeah…I know…our cafeteria) Homecoming probably could not have went any better. No, I did not go with any boy because I didn't know any of the boys really well yet.  Anyway, who needs a date at Homecoming to have fun, right?  I hung out with a bunch of my girl friends and let me tell you, we brought the party.  I had some major cramps after the dance because Homecoming went from 8- 12 am, but I still went to my friend Hillary's house who I had not seen most of the dance because she had a date.  I stayed over night and to top it all of my mom took me for a pedicure.

Well love ya'll lots but I got to go catch a plane.  (ed. – Take a look at some picts from the big event under the photos tab up top.)

gtg. bye

Your tap dancing friend

New Years

Hear about my visitors that came for New Years.

On the 29th of Dec. our friends from MI came to visit us. They come to visit us every New Years.
My friend Lauren and I made a McFlurry with the set I got for Christmas. Maybe today are going to make cookies for New Years with my new Mrs. Fields Cookbook. Yesterday everyone went to downtown Chapel Hill to go to Sutton’s. It is a really good restraunt but it is also a drug store. It was fun to do with 13 other people.

We also played in the park and my dad put up a few pictures on the photo pages here .

~ Mary

My trip to Chicago this past summer

I went to Chicago for tap because I am part of the North Carolina Youth Tap Ensemble. On the plane ride there I was very talkative. I was so hyper (hoping I had not forgotten anything). When we got there it was 9:00 at night so everyone went to bed except for my friend, Allie and me.

The next morning we had dance class until 4:00 or 4:30. We did that every day for 5 days. During that time period we learned new techniques and improvisational skills. We also learned a dance from a Bulgarian dancer named Valeria. We were divided into groups and my group was lead by Valeria.

On Friday, we ended up doing a show that we were expecting to do on Saturday, not Friday. But we did great anyway. I even got to start one of the dances. After the show, we went out for ice cream to celebrate. After the show my friend Allie and I stayed in another girl?s room until 3:00 A.M.

The next day we went shopping. I got a white shirt, a mini skirt and some disco earrings. That evening we went to an outside mall. I got a Navy hat that said ?Navy Pier? on it. We even went on a Ferris wheel. On the Ferris wheel my friend Kate accidentally dropped her Icee off the top.

On Sunday we finally left for home. I was kind of sad to leave Chicago but I was ready. I missed my friends and my family. When I got home, I told all my friends about my Chicago trip. I?m sure I?ll talk about this adventure for many years to come.

In to the Woods Jr.(play)

Hear about this new play I am in called Into the Woods Jr. 

This new play I am in called In to the Woods Jr. is about all these fairy tales coming together like little red ridding hood, jack and the bean stalk, and Cinderella. In a way they are all connected. They are all connected by this baker and his wife. They have been wanting to have a baby but they are cursed by a witch by something the bakers parents have done. Because of what his parents had done the witch took their baby. So the baker had a sister but he did not know her name was rapunzel. So to have the curse taken off they have to find 1 the cow as white as milk (from jack) 2 the cape as red as blood (little red ridding hood) 3 the hair as yellow as corn (rapunzel) and 4 they shoe as pure as gold (cinderella). Its a pretty good play. Guess who I am related to? Little red ridding hood. I’m her grandmother.

hope u come and see it
~ Mary Doerr

Skin Cancer Brochure

Want to know more about skin cancer?

I had to do a project for school on skin cancer so I researched it and my Dad and I designed the brochure together on the computer. When I printed it out, we each page on the same piece of paper so it looked like a real brochure.

By the way…I got a 100% on it.