NCAA finals here I come


My parents gave me an early birthday present and I got blown away.

I got 2 Tickets to the final 4, and 2 tickets to the championship game.

I screamed at the top of my lungs. It was the best day of my life. I hugged my Mom and Dad so hard. I got so shocked. My heart was beating really fast. I give a shout out to My brother for letting me have the tickets for my birthday and not getting mad. I also give a shout out to My Mom + Dad and Amy + Jim Oppat.

Here is the video of me opening up my awesome present.

(ed. note:  The title of the video and language are a bit inappropriate captured the reaction perfectly so I had to use it.)




Camp Jolt

Mason Zipline

On November 12 – 14 I went to camp jolt. My Dad was a chaperone which made the trip more fun!Tongue out 

The food was very delicious. And my camp counselor was very nice.  She let us do fun things. We got to do so many activities like zipline, wearing waiters in the lake, fossils and rocks, and dirt and soil. Those activities were all so fun.

The rooms were very nice and the bathrooms were fairly nice. My Dad just said we needed wireless and cable. Laughing 

Next to our cabins we played football each afternoon during free time.

I had the best camp experience of my life! 

                    – Mason

Summertime Swimming

Yesterday we went swimming at our neighborhood pool for the first time. It
was so fun. My brother and I played a game who can find the goggles. Next
I jumped in the pool doing a cannonball. We had a blast down at the pool.
We came home surprised that our mom made us some turkey burgers. And they
were delicious.

Student Teacher

Today my student teacher was leaving.  She was going to become a real teacher.  I was so happy for her, but a little sad that she had to leave.  I’m going to miss her a lot!  She is still in my heart!  I gave her tips on how to be a good teacher.  She might follow my advice.  You never know! -Mason

Basketball Party


When I got done with basketball, my dad took me and my whole team to GattiTown.  We went there because it was the end of the season and we had a party.  I got a medal and a certificate that said I was the best offensive player.  I play a lot with my friends and with my dad.  Of course we had so much fun together.  Then everyone went home.  I had a great year at basketball with my friends and family.  Bye for now.

Writing TAKS Test


My writing TAKS test is coming up in 5 days.  But I’m not nervous.  I’ve done well on all the practice tests so far.  One time I got an 86 and another time I got an 89.  I was s glad.  I always do good on my stories.  And I’m good at editing too.  I’ll keep you posted once I get my score back.  Later!

The Last Game

I was at my last basketball game and I was nervous because I wanted to win.  We had never won a game yet.  I tried my best that day but we still lost.  We improved a lot though.  One of my best friends got injured in the game.  His tooth went right through his lip.  I did a good job this season and so did my team.  Talk to you later.