My Spooky Halloween

mmdjester.jpgOne night on October 31st, I had a really scary costume and my Dad an everybody else in our family went trick or treating and got tons of candy.  

We also had this really cool smoke machine at our house and a projector that projected a big "BOO!" on our garage.  When we were done trick or treating we weighed our candy bag and found out that we had seventeen pounds of candy! Surprised  My costume was an Evil Jester.  My costume was black, red and white.  It scared this little girl that came over to our house to trick or treat.

I had to take my hat off because it kept falling down and that bugged me.  But my Dad safety pinned it and that helped.

That was the best Halloween ever!Tongue out-Mason 

Barlow Girl Concert

bgirls.jpgThe Barlow Girls also played at the Toby Mac concert.  They sang a lot of songs.  One song was called "Rain Down".  It was so awesome and they sang lots of other songs that I know.  I had a really good view.  They were my second favorite band.  I loved them too.  It was so fun!



Toby Mac Concert

We all went to a Toby Mac concert at Pizza Hut Park, FC Dallas soccer stadium in Frisco.  The Toby Mac concert was great.  He played all the songs that I wanted him to.  I even got a Toby Mac wristband.  He sang "Boomin’", " This Ain’t No Ordinary Love", and "Made To Love".  That was some of the songs.  Because he sang like 30 songs.  We got to go out on the soccer field.  Me and my family loved it.  It was so awesome!

Ho! Ho! Ho! We’re 11 and 0

{moszoomthumb imgid=734}It’s just like Christmas in the Spring. My basketball team just finished playing and we were undefeated. I played guard for my position and I scored 4 points in the whole season. I scored two of those points in my last game.

My teammates are also good players and my coahes supported me a lot. “Keep your head up!”, Coach Bryan always told me. By the end of the season I kept my head up a lot beacuse if I didn’t, coach Bryan would make everybody run ladders or do pushups.

It was an awesome basketball year for our whole team! I’m really going to miss my teammates who are going on to the next league next year.

My Dad put a few pictures of our party up on this website. You can get to them by clicking on photos at

Mason’s Birthday Extravaganza

Mason had a birthday party complete with ice cream sundaes at school with his friend Olivia (who also has a birthday in April). After I got home from work we picked up Mason’s friend Cassie and headed out for a night on the town, hitting Fuddruckers and Chuck E. Cheese for some food and fun. Then it was back home for ice cream cake and some presents.

We’re tired just thinking about all of the fun and excitement.

You can check out some of the photos in the media gallery.


Evil Billy – At the park

Read one of the many stories in the Evil Billy series.

Once upon a time Evil Billy went out into the forest where he spied some kids. The kids were playing freeze tag in the park and then they heard something behind them. Then they said, "What’s that?"

"Oh it was nothing I think it was the wind", Said one little kid.

"I think we should go back to playing tag", said another kid.

So they went on playing tag until Evil Billy jumped out and he ran after the kids. There were 8 kids running all over until Evil Billy tripped. When he tripped he caught one of the kids named Maisie. She was 2 years old and couldn’t run fast enough to get away.

One of the bigger kids named Mary grabbed Maisie and pulled her away from Evil Billy and ran away.

Then the 8 kids sneaked up on Evil Billy and they chuckled and they said, "BAAAHHHHHH!" and they jumped on Evil Billy.

Evil Billy grabbed one of Mark’s toys but the kids jumped and grabbed Mark’s toy back.

Evil ran away crying, "I want my mommy."

The End


Sharing Christmas Traditions at School

I got to go on TV at school and share a family tradition.

Our family is making a movie. Its a really good movie.

I’m showing movies at school because everyone is sharing about family traditions and we make movies every year. I was on Ribbit News on Friday and got to show one of my movies. It was the Christmas Caper 2001 where we went to our school. Everyone thinked it was funny because they thought the part where I got in trouble was funny. (ed. if you want to see it click here ) When I got back to my class everyone said it was cool. Mrs. Banks is my teacher at Mary Scroggs and she showed it again to my class. Everyone laughed especially when we were getting chased by Evil Billy.

-Mason Doerr