4th of July

This is what happened on the 4th of July. I went to see the fireworks at Pizza Hut Park and I got to swim in my pool and I got to see one of my best friends Landon.

We got to have cake and pretend to run a restaurant at my house.

We went to UT on another day and I got my swimming lessons and I’m going to a birthday party on Saturday and it is at pump it up and we got our pool made last christmas and this is all my


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

matthew thanksgiving turkeyThis Thanksgiving is the best ever. The picture here is the best picture in the whole wide world because it’s about Thanksgiving and I really like Thanksgiving. Its shows me in my Thanksgiving play costume. I was the MC and a turkey in the play (editorial comments appreciated).


Matthew at Halloween

mjdstitch.jpgOn Halloween, I went trick or treating.  I was dressed up as Stitch from Lilo and Stitch.  I loved my costume.  

I loved it so much it was the same one I wore last year.

I also got to use my orange pumpkin bag that I got on our field trip to the pumpkin patch.  I got a lots of bunches of candy!Laughing

Why does Halloween have to end?

My friend

I like Katlin. She is in Ms. Robinson’s kindergarten class with me.  I like to play with her all the time.  She also goes to my church.  I saw her last week at Sunday School but she was not there this week.  

Someday maybe she can come over to my house and then I can go over to her house and play. If she comes over to my house we could watch a movie in the media room. We would eat now-and-laters and we could have tootsie-rolls and have a good time.  Maybe we could watch Scooby-Doo.Laughing

I’m reading a book


I read a book called Danny and the four Seasons. I starts off with,  "I can see danny in the flowers.  It must be spring."  I liked the book because it was so cool.  You should read it.

I Love…


Matthew has wanted to start every blog entry with "I Love Mrs. Robinson."  I explained that we can’t start every blog off the same way (Sorry Mrs. Robinson) And when I told him that for the Apple Story, his comment was, "OK…Start it off ‘I like Mrs. Robinson’".  I got him off of it and then when I asked him about what he wanted to start off with this time, he started in with, "I love Mrs. Robinson."  So I said, "and what next…"

"I love Dad

I love my family

I love Maisie

I love Mom

I love Mark

I love Mason

I love Mitchell

I love Mary

I love Madeline and

I love Everybody in the whole wide world"

-Matthew Cool

I’m just glad I made the list Mrs. Robinson. 

The Apple Tree Story


Once a time there were some pretty apple seeds.  

Then along came a beautiful apple blossom.

Next came a big delicious apple growing.

Finally an entire tree full of beautiful apples appeared.

The End.


That’s the Apple Tree story.