Singin’ in the Rain

Mitchell in Singin' in the RainIf you have not heard, with the help of many friends and more than enough support from my mom and dad, Madeline and I were able to put on a fantastic performance of Singin’ in the Rain at our school. I had a wonderful time of playing Gene Kelly’s Don Lockwood, acting with some of the best, being with my friends, and of course singing and dancing on our live rain stage. Who ever knew my tap dancing skills would come in handy six years later? Well and of course I had tons of help from Mary who choreographed the major tap numbers and was able to teach Me how to dance like a pro in 2 months. The Doerr family has dominated the stage once again while Mark and Mason not only took the lead roles in their own musical, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at their school, but were also one of the select few to play young Don and young Cosmo in Singin’ in the Rain at the high school level. The five of us make a pretty good team when we all work on one show. To see all of us in action, check out our up coming Christmas movie for the 2011 year. I hope you all enjoy. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

2011 Christmas Caper

How he does it? I have no idea, but my dad has once again produced a fantastic Christmas movie while dealing with all the craziness that goes on behind the scene with us. I hope that you all get a chance to check out us party rocking down the streets of Frisco square. You will also see our guest stars Uncle Mark and Aunt Loretta, Mckenzie Watson, as well as my co-star / tap dancing partner in crime Chris Floyd. I had tons of fun working with all my siblings. With some embarrassing moments and a little inspiration from all of us we sure know how to have a great time. With another movie of ours you can see the Doerr family travel to different music videos, Tv shows, and movies all in one, but I don’t want to give away to much. I hope that we have found a new way to capture your attention once again. 😉


Christmas at Home

Mitchell and Mason MSU it outYou can only imagine opening presents at the Doerr house!! Little goofballs running around with their new toys, presents everywhere and a whole lot of noise. I was glad to get clothes (especially my psych shirt), another Criminal Minds season, and it wouldn’t be Christmas with out Michigan items.

Have you ever seen a teenage boy where a Michigan State Spartan comfy throw in public? haha. Thank you grandma and grandpa Doerr for my gifts. The best part was getting to see my Aunt and uncle and filming with them.  Hanging out with them for a few days was a blast, especially at the rodeo, and better than anything I could have asked for.

Little Luncheonette of Terror

madpete2.jpgLast night I had Madeline’s and my play performance. After all the practice I finally learned all my line and all the moves I had to do at the right time and I did everything perfect. 


I had a really great time but I’m sad that it is over because now I will have nothing to do because football season ends next Monday and I won’t get to hang out with all my friends at practices. 


I sure am going to sign up for the next play. But at least we will all get together one more time to have an after party and I’ll get to hang out with everyone before it’s all over.  

Little Luncheonette of Terror


As some of you know I was in the school play last year and this year I am doing it again. Except this year I made the lead. this year our play is called the little luncheonette of terror. it is about a lizard/human guy that comes from the center of the earth and my character Pete has to stop him before he turns everyone into zombies and takes over the world. This is a musical and I even have a solo. I will post more so try and keep up thanks



Now that i have started school I have started playing football. My positions are runningback and outside line backer strong safety and I’m number 25. I just started so I made B team. right now our B team is 1 and 2 but the next school we play has 3 teams so we have to split our 2 teams into 3 teams. and so we now have one A team and 2 B teams. so now we all get more playing time. I am starter for second half and i really love playing so i hope this is something i will do for a long time.

Keep up with my blogs because I will write more thanks.



Mitchell’s 10th Birthday

May 1 was my birthday it was the best birthday ever. First when I woke up on friday my best friend Hunter from Texas was downstairs, but I had to go to school so we couldn’t play. My class put on a show so he came to watch that. after that at 10:00 o’clock I got to go home early to play with my friend. we played on the computer while our moms went shopping. That night Hunter and I baked some cookies with my sister Mary and her friend Blair. After that we where so tired we fell asleep.

The next day some of my friends came over to go paintballing. When we got there it looked scary at first but when I got out there it was so much fun. I only got shot 3 times 1 in the hand and 2 in the leg. But the bruise on my leg stayed there for a long time. When I got home I opened my presents and had cake. I got a socerball, rocket, cd player, harry potter game and a flashback Atari game.

The next day Hunter had to fly home and I was very sad but it still was the best birthday ever. You can check out some photos of our fun here .