Early Birthday from Grandma and Grandpa

Over spring break my Grandparents came to visit and they brought me an early birthday present. They got me a gift card to Toys R Us . They just left today and we went to Toys R Us this afternoon and I got Pokemon  cards, a Pokemon movie and new batteries for my video game. Here is a picture of me and my presents.   


Movie making with my Uncle

You will never believe what happened to me…my Uncle Mark and Aunt Loretta came to visit. We had the best time ever. We played twister and it was so hard because my Dad and Uncle mark were playing and they kept knocking us over and off the board. I ended up winning twice and Mason winning once.  We also watched Elf. Then my Dad and my Uncle helped type my script for school and I would like to thank them for their help.

The project for school was a hit and it was also a partner project. I worked with two other people in my class named Alex and Sam. We all read the book James and the Giant Peach and we had to choose a project we were going to do. At first were going to do the newspaper and after that did not work out we tried making a movie that was the one we did.  if you what to see movie click here.


Fun New Years

This was the best new years ever!  Let me tell you about it.

My friends from Michigan came this new year and we had the best time ever. They had three kids.  Christian is the boy my age.  We met at 8 months old so back to the topic.

On the first day really early in the morning we went out to play football in my back yard.  It was cold outside but not as cold as in Michigan.  Then we went up to my room and started playing with my hand band I got for Christmas.  A hand band is a toy with gloves that let you play drums, the guitar and keyboard in the air.  (I’ll put up some picts of Mitchell rocking out soon – ed.)

Then we took the bus downtown to see a lot.  The bus ride was bumpy, fast and and stopped a lot to pick up more people.  We were most of the people on the bus.  When we got downtown we decided to go to Sutton’s Drug Store for a soda.  They have old fashioned sodas there, Cherry, Vanilla and even Chocolate Coke.  We all got Cherry Coke except for Elise who got vanilla.  Then we went to the park and we threw the football around.

After that we decided to go back to Sutton’s for an early dinner at only 4:00.  All the big kids had BLTs.  They were very delicious.  Then we rode home.

On new years eve my Mom and Dad played tennis with Celia and Matt.  Christian and I went too to watch them play and be their ball boys.  After that we went into the basement to play video games while everyone else played Pac-Man upstairs.   Right around midnight we got everything ready and we all were holding poppers getting ready to shoot them off.

At midnight we went outside to do some sparklers.  I took a balloon and held it up to my sparkler and the balloon popped!  Then we went to bed.

Yesterday we went to the arcade at the movie theatre and played some games, my favorite was the Taxi Driver game.  (If its any indication, he’ll need a tank.  -ed.) And then we went to get some ice cream at the outside mall at Marble Slab Creamery.  That’s because it was over 70 degrees outside on Jan1!!!  I had chocolate with cookie dough.

After that we went to the Apple Computer store and played some games on the computers there.  I played Harry Potter.  We were getting hungry again from playing all the games so we went to Moe’s for dinner and then we went back home.

They left this morning at 7:30 so that they could get home to their Mom’s house by 8pm.  

I think that this is the best New Years out of any year ever.


The Best Vacation Ever

A story from school…

If I could have one Christmas wish, this is how I would like to spend my winter vacation. I would like my best friend Hunter to come visit from Texas. 


If I could have one Christmas wish, this is how I would like to spend my winter vacation. I would like my best friend Hunter to come visit from Texas. I would also like a lot of snow this year. Hunter and I would sled down Highgrove for hours. When we came in we would have hot chocolate with a lot of marshmallows. You would be able to smell it from the front door.

At night, my friend and I would stay up all night. We would tell scary stories. We would also tell stories about school. Then we would play Game Boy and Sega. And the next day, we would go to the arcade. I would say, “I hope this day never ends!” That would be the best vacation ever!